Bakery: Cooper’s, Lonawala

Everyone in Mumbai and nearby knows that best Fudge you get is in Lonavala. Lonawala is around 100 km away from Mumbai. Generally it comes you way towards Pune. Cooper’s Fudge has been very famous since long time. Generally I end up buying fudge from local shop in Lonawala. But never Cooper’s, mainly because it is one of the most expensive fudge available in Lonawala. The price Cooper’s fudge is twice of local fudge price.

This time my mom thought of giving a chance to very famous Cooper’s fudge. Plain chocolate fudge costed around 900 INR for 1 kg. A small bit into plain chocolate fudge was divine. Pure taste of dark chocolate, it melted smoothly in my mouth. First word which came in my mouth was yummy!!! This fudge was pure sin. It contained that bitter taste of chocolate yet it was sweet in someway. The chocolate fudge was really one of the best chocolate fudge I had over a periof if time. Cooper’s proved it why it was called best place for fudge.

As informed from local, a parsi lady prepares fresh fudge everyday. In the morning before the shop opens, there is long queue. The quantity prepared by Cooper’s is also limited and they sell the prepared quantity only. They don’t refill if they run out of the fudge. For e.g., if they prepared 10kg for a day to sell and it gets over by 12 noon, shop will not refill the fudge. For the rest of through day, they will sell remaining fudge and chiki. Apart from plain chocolate fudge, they also sell walnut fudge, almond fudge, different types of chiki’s and chocolate.

Now on your next visit to lonawala, don’t forget to try Cooper’s Fudge and Chiki.

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