Bakery: Love Sugar and Dough

I was never a fan of cupcakes because wherever I had cupcakes I never found it soft or creamy. I came across this small place in Bandra name LSD, Love Sugar & Dough. On first look you will dell in love with various kinds of cupcakes.

Cupcakes are basically small cakes served with different frosting and sprinkles. Chocolate, red valvet, vanilla and much more. Small cupcakes or big, choices are endless in this place. My luck was really good and my happiness double when I found out that they have eggless cupcakes. 😀

Either small or big, these cupcakes melt in your mouth. The chocolate topping on top is so yummy that you will lick the frosting first and then eat the cake. These cupcakes are like homemade cupcakes, made in a small bakery on the corner of their shop. Also first floor has a sitting area where you can just sit with bunch of a friend and chill!!!

If you are not a cupcake fan then you should eat cupcakes from this place.. They promise you to make you crave for all kinds of cupcakes, especially delicious chocolate one’s.

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