Cafe: Chocolate Room

After been to many chocolate places, visit to Chocolate Room was filled with expectations. And this place didn’t let me down.

I visited this place twice. First time when we went, we started with Sundae name Chocolate Avalanche. It was chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and few more chocolate toppings on the top. We finished the avalanche in less than 5 minutes, it not just look awesome but was also yummiest. Later on we ordered Chillar which was served in very different glass which had hole for the straw. It was decent. Nothing exceptional about it. I thought probably avalanche has raised our expectations so much that chillar looked ok types in front of it. Finally our chocolate trip ended with Chocolate Mousse and this has really impressed us all. Soft creamy mousse in cup which was eatable, made from chocolate. This definitely made us visit this place second time.

In second visit my craving was for Milk shake. So far the best Milk shake I had was in Mocha few year back and Kit Kat Milk shake in Chocolate Room reminded me of that. Though it was delicious but it didn’t quite reach the level of my best milk shake. Little more thickness and more quantity will give this milk shake a best milk shake tag.

Nice decor and variety of options in terms of sundae to milkshake to food, this place is an ideal place to hangout and add those extra calories.

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