Cafe: Tea Villa Cafe, Mumbai

Tea Villa Cafe was a complete surprise.. I thought I will be entering some cafe which will be focused on Tea (as their name suggest) but I was surprised to find a cafe which is very lively and offers many varieties of food and obviously Tea. Anyways, my intention of going there was not aboutContinue reading “Cafe: Tea Villa Cafe, Mumbai”

Restaurant: Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro

During my weekend in Pune, my cousins & I were searching for restaurant to visiting for dinner and came across Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro. With a 4.8 rating on Zomato, this place came into our must visit restaurant. (More than that, we were curious to know what kind of food they serve that theyContinue reading “Restaurant: Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro”

Ice cream: Creamicals, Pune

When science meet food, Creamicals is what you get! Creamicals serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. The whole process of ice cream making was intriguing. The flavor they offer are like any other ice cream flavor. Whether it is sinful chocolate, or fresh strawberry, each flavor ice cream is freshly made in front of you.The processContinue reading “Ice cream: Creamicals, Pune”

Cafe: Chocolateria San Churro

If one visit Chocolateria San Churro, the must have dish is in its name, Churro. It is a fried dough pastry, very popular in Spain, can be eaten with dip anytime in the day. At Chocolateria San Churro,  we have ordered 6 Churros accompanied by 2 chocolate dip. The option for dip is Dark, mediumContinue reading “Cafe: Chocolateria San Churro”

Restaurant: 145 Kala Ghoda

A tempting picture shared on Instagram lead me to this place and our task was simple, just have what was in the picture – Nutella Milkshake! In the midst of traffic near Haji Ali, we took around 2 hours to reach Churchgate. By the time we reached Kala Ghoda, we were so hungry that weContinue reading “Restaurant: 145 Kala Ghoda”

Restaurant: SpiceKlub, Mumbai

Many times I have heard of places which offer food with a twist, but never had the opportunity to visit any one of these places. Fortunately, one fine day I happen to visit one such place in Lower Parel, Mumbai – SpiceKlub. People told me that getting a reservation in such places is difficult asContinue reading “Restaurant: SpiceKlub, Mumbai”

Pizza Hut – So Cheesy.. Not So cheesy!

When Dominos came with cheese burst pizza, it was instant success and since then all cheese lovers only eat cheese burst pizza of Dominos. The strong competitor of Dominos, Pizza Hut tried and they came with a new pizza named as ‘So Cheesy’ pizza. Since I am avid cheese lover, I thought why not tryContinue reading “Pizza Hut – So Cheesy.. Not So cheesy!”

Bakery: Cooper’s, Lonawala

Everyone in Mumbai and nearby knows that best Fudge you get is in Lonavala. Lonawala is around 100 km away from Mumbai. Generally it comes you way towards Pune. Cooper’s Fudge has been very famous since long time. Generally I end up buying fudge from local shop in Lonawala. But never Cooper’s, mainly because itContinue reading “Bakery: Cooper’s, Lonawala”

Restaurant: Out of the Blue, Bandra

Bandra is like a hub of restaurants and cafe’s and standing out in such a cluttered Market is a task. Le sutra, an art hotel has started with their own restaurant chain name ‘Out of the Blue’. The first one is in Bandra and their second brand is in Powai. Located near Carter road, OutContinue reading “Restaurant: Out of the Blue, Bandra”