Bhutan – Land of Dragon

Bhutan is one of the place where Indian doesn’t need any visa or even passport. Often called as India’s sister, Bhutan is very small but indeed a beautiful country to spend some quality time with nature. It is a place where one can find inner peace. Just like any Buddhist country, Bhutan has very humbleContinue reading “Bhutan – Land of Dragon”

Thailand – Amazing Beaches and Amazing Clubs

When I say Thailand different people will think about different things to do. For ladies, Thailand is equal to shopping mall with season sale every day, for kids, amazing beaches to have fun time and for single guys, it is place to drink and party ;). Sleeping Buddha at Wat Pho, Bangkok Thailand is aContinue reading “Thailand – Amazing Beaches and Amazing Clubs”

New Zealand.. Adventure Paradise!

Auckland City After Dubai, New Zealand was my second international trip. Since childhood I wanted to visit New Zealand for only one thing, ‘Adventure’. New Zealand is also called a land of adventure. In this tiny island situated in southwestern Pacific Ocean lies an opportunity to do anything and everything. Whether it is adventure tourContinue reading “New Zealand.. Adventure Paradise!”

Ladakh – The Land of Heaven

After lot of planning, fixing, asking, negotiating, the trip to Ladakh was finalized. Though I wanted to go with just friends, it also included friend’s parents and uncle aunty. Anyways Ladakh was important and not who’s with us. So journey begins… We planned to take the Srinagar route. Though people say for more scenic beautyContinue reading “Ladakh – The Land of Heaven”