Mumbai Lifeline – Local Train!

If you are from mumbai you will realise the importance of Mumbai Local Trains. It’s a lifeline of many lives which reside in the city name Mumbai. As we learnt in geography, Mumbai is like a Long Island. Transportation in this big island is divided in 3 railway line called Western, Central and Harbour. ToContinue reading “Mumbai Lifeline – Local Train!”

Ladakh – The Land of Heaven

After lot of planning, fixing, asking, negotiating, the trip to Ladakh was finalized. Though I wanted to go with just friends, it also included friend’s parents and uncle aunty. Anyways Ladakh was important and not who’s with us. So journey begins… We planned to take the Srinagar route. Though people say for more scenic beautyContinue reading “Ladakh – The Land of Heaven”

In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!

To beat this heat what will you think of doing? Go to Rajasthan. I know it sounds crazy to go to Rajasthan in such a heat but it was worth it. Luckily when we reached the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, it rained last night so the weather was pretty decent. Though we couldn’t beatContinue reading “In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!”