Darjeeling – A Delightful Gateway

When you get only 2-4 day holiday, Hill stations are best place to spend that time. After visiting many hill station in west & north, my next destination was east. Darjeeling, a hill station in Sikkim is indeed a delight on hill. Darjeeling for many people will be just like another hill station. Small roads, smallContinue reading “Darjeeling – A Delightful Gateway”

Auli – India’s Switzerland

People go to Switzerland to experience ski & snow clad mountains but they forget that India too has its own famous ski destination. Overlooking second highest peaks of India, Nanda Devi, Auli is indeed a white world with adrenaline pumping ski tracks. Enroute to Auli Auli lies in the state of Uttarakhand, which is calledContinue reading “Auli – India’s Switzerland”

Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!

When you are in north India and you have weekend with nothing to do and after already visiting Shimla, Naintal many times, Kasauli is place to be. It is approximately 6 hour drive from Delhi. The road to Kasauli is smooth and easy. Starting with outer ring road then move to Grand Trunk Road andContinue reading “Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!”

Ladakh – The Land of Heaven

After lot of planning, fixing, asking, negotiating, the trip to Ladakh was finalized. Though I wanted to go with just friends, it also included friend’s parents and uncle aunty. Anyways Ladakh was important and not who’s with us. So journey begins… We planned to take the Srinagar route. Though people say for more scenic beautyContinue reading “Ladakh – The Land of Heaven”

Manori.. In the city still far away!

Being in Mumbai, I never heard of place name Manori. It is a small town which is little away still near the city. There are 2 ways to reach this place, via ferry from Malad or take a roadway from Mira road. It is completely like a small village. Quite, cozy, greenery and pleasant. EnvironmentContinue reading “Manori.. In the city still far away!”