Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!

When you are in north India and you have weekend with nothing to do and after already visiting Shimla, Naintal many times, Kasauli is place to be. It is approximately 6 hour drive from Delhi. The road to Kasauli is smooth and easy. Starting with outer ring road then move to Grand Trunk Road andContinue reading “Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!”

Agra.. India’s Romance-land

A place, resemble love, great architecture and rich history. It also has one of world’s Seven Wonder, which resides in Uttar Pradesh, India – Agra.  Agra has world’s one of the seven wonder and also India’s struggle. My first impression after entering Agra was astonishing. Small uneven roads and not only cow but foreigners walkingContinue reading “Agra.. India’s Romance-land”

In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!

To beat this heat what will you think of doing? Go to Rajasthan. I know it sounds crazy to go to Rajasthan in such a heat but it was worth it. Luckily when we reached the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, it rained last night so the weather was pretty decent. Though we couldn’t beatContinue reading “In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!”

Manori.. In the city still far away!

Being in Mumbai, I never heard of place name Manori. It is a small town which is little away still near the city. There are 2 ways to reach this place, via ferry from Malad or take a roadway from Mira road. It is completely like a small village. Quite, cozy, greenery and pleasant. EnvironmentContinue reading “Manori.. In the city still far away!”

Weekend in a Farmhouse, Hadshi, Pune

So after tiring bus drive when day is about to end along with excitement to have great fun in weekend, we land up in place similar to my dream house. We all cousins and friends landed in a relatives Farmhouse in Hadshi Which is 30 minute drive from Pune. The Bungalow is amazing. 3 storiedContinue reading “Weekend in a Farmhouse, Hadshi, Pune”