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Kolad – Weekend Rafting Getaway

There are many small places for rafting in India. Famous ones are in Rishikesh and Ladakh. Both locations are in north India. What about Mumbai people? Where can they go for rafting and if they want to go for short duration? Kolad is answer to these questions.
Reside in Roha district. Kolad is an amazing weekend place to hangout with your buddies or family. Away from the bustling city of Mumbai, Kolad gives the feel of small town full of greenery. To reach Kolad, one needs to take old Goa-Mumbai road and head towards Goa. Another way is through Alibaug. It is some 2-3 hours away from Alibaug. When it comes to weekend holiday, all we want to do is relax and enjoy the weather. Adventure junkie like me will think of all the activities one can do in a place. Kolad will give best of both the world.
It has places for relaxation and also provides adventures like Rafting and trekking. The rafting is done in Small River where dam water is released to raise the water level. The ripples are few but good for beginners. Rafting is totally harmless. Even if you fell in the water, since it is not that deep the chances of drowning are minimal.
Kolad is covered with lush green trees and small mountains; hence trekking in such area is pleasurable. As for the stay, you can get options from cheapest to expensive. Best way to enjoy this weekend trip is by staying in tent. Many places in Kolad provide other activities like wall climbing, zorbing, zipline and many more.
Ideal time to visit Kolad is in monsoon as greenery will be nourishing. For rafting post monsoon is best but not when winter sets in. The water used in river for rafting comes from dam, rafting is sometime open in summers too. Weather in summer will be like city weather as it doesn’t reside on mountain or in north.
Forget those boring weekend gateways like Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar. Explore other places like Kolad and Karjat for some fun weekend time.

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