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If you are from mumbai you will realise the importance of Mumbai Local Trains. It’s a lifeline of many lives which reside in the city name Mumbai. As we learnt in geography, Mumbai is like a Long Island. Transportation in this big island is divided in 3 railway line called Western, Central and Harbour. To make it simple for people who are non-Mumbaikar, Western Line include stations like Churchgate, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali and Virar. Central line include station like CST, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Thane and Kalyan. Finally Harbour line include station like CST, Dadar, Wadala, Vashi and Belapur.

Isn’t that heavy dose! It took me 20 years to understand this route still I get confused whenever I travel on central or harbour line. We don’t realise but everyday thousands of people travel in these local trains. It is one of the best and main mode of travelling. Travelling in Bus or Car will be either too hectic and tiring. Local trains take you to your destination in maximum 1-2 hrs time till the end of the city whereas bus or car will end up waiting at every signal or traffic.

Though it is best way to travel but its also crowded. Due to ample amount of population in Mumbai, number of people travelling in local trains and train’s capacity to take the people always exceed. That’s the reason the quality of train or cleanliness in train has never improved. Government do try to make it best mode of transport but somewhere people who travel make it worse.

Everyone wants to get inside the train, everyone wants to sit, everyone wants to get down or everyone wants to breath, still we act like crazy animal just released to attack the deer or bird who wants to get outside the cage. Civilisation has been buried and manners has been long forgotten. In this fast lane, we have lost how a human used to live, we are more of robot who is doing what it has been told to do. Is this what we grew up for? Is this what our ancestor used to do?

Listen to heart, smile on your way, observe the surrounding.. That’s what journey is compromising of. Event though its daily commute, it should be enjoyed. Life gives you thousands of reason to crib and all we need to do is find 10 thousand more things to enjoy. Even if its crowded train, a smile to most frustrated person can make a difference. Don’t make a daily habit to run like robots.. Run like you are running for a healthier you!

How local life is.. Make it civilised and lively!

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