Pizza Hut – So Cheesy.. Not So cheesy!

When Dominos came with cheese burst pizza, it was instant success and since then all cheese lovers only eat cheese burst pizza of Dominos. The strong competitor of Dominos, Pizza Hut tried and they came with a new pizza named as ‘So Cheesy’ pizza. Since I am avid cheese lover, I thought why not try this new pizza. You never know you might find something better than Cheese Burst.

To my surprise, the pizza was not even close to cheese burst. ‘So Cheesy’ has 3 different cheeses on it. Whereas cheese burst is full of only one cheese – creamy cheddar cheese. The cheese in So Cheesy is Jalapeno flavoured cheese on the side, creamy cheddar cheese in middle and mozzarella cheese on top. The 3 different cheeses make it different in taste and constant changes with cheese make it less savoring. The Jalapeno flavor cheese tasted more like Mustard sauce mixed with cheese, creamy cheese was not creamy and it didn’t had the smooth texture of creamy cheese you will find dripping from Cheese Burst. Personally I don’t like Mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza and when it is clubbed with cream cheese is in middle, strings of mozzarella cheese make it less juicy.

As for the toppings (keeping cheese aside), So Cheesy has very few options. We ordered Veg treat which had toppings like Onion, Tomato, Capsicum, Sweet Corn and Jalapeno in description. To be honest, all I found in the pizza was cheese and no toppings. There was no taste of capsicum or sweet corn. If I have to give the ratio it will be 30% dough, 20% toppings and 50% cheese. Unlike Cheese Burst where you can get your pizza toppings combined with base as cheese burst, So Cheesy has only 4 veg options and 3 non veg options.

With regards to pricing, So Cheesy Pizza cost you around 290 (basic) to 490 (super veg). Pricing is on the higher side as compared to Cheese Burst but Pizza Hut pizzas are anyways expensive when compared to Dominos. So Cheesy lacks the fine taste of cheese and price make is many more reasons to avoid it.

The positioning of this pizza is also not that encouraging. The advertisement shows a boy saying no for pizza to his dad who get happy and start praising the pizza which tempts the boy to be not angry and savor the pizza. The target audience for So Cheesy pizza is not being captured in the advertisement. The audience who will love pizza with lots of cheese will be teenagers especially boys and the advertisement is showing small kid craving for cheese pizza. As for kids, I am sure many parents will not encourage their kids to eat lots of cheese at such a young age. Kids are not even the decision maker when it comes to eating out. Pizza Hut tried to do something different with the communication, but I wonder how much it will get appreciated.

You can watch the advertisement here:

Overall, few cheese lovers might like the taste of So Cheesy pizza but for those who are avid Cheese Burst lover, ‘So Cheesy’ will not even come close to their love for Cheese Burst. 

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