Restaurant: Indigo Deli, Lokhandwala

Heard a lot about this place. It is known as good place to have quick bite and snack time. Located little inside, it was little difficult to find it. Indigo Deli has open its 3rd branch in Lokhandwala. It is a very silent n cozy place. Their Menu is crisp and short. Not many options in main course but it had great options for sandwiches and pizzas.

We ordered vegetarian pizza which was a delight. It was thin crust (really thin) and cheesy. Since many people suggested me to try their sandwiches, we ordered their Deli special. It was huge served with potato wedge and salad. It was so heavy, finishing the sandwich was a task. I wanted to try more but my small appetite didn’t allow me. I visited this place second time to try their Mozzarella and tomato on focaccia bread in pesto. Waiter was kind enough to inform us that it will be open baked Sandwich. Good sandwich, very different to what we usually have.

Lastly it was dessert time! Sometime I wish I was non vegetarian so that I can try most of those mouth watering dessert. Anyways they had 2 eggless options, chocolate mousse and chocolate pastry. We went for chocolate pastry, again waiter informed us that it contains alcohol. The taste of alcohol was strong and it was adding to the bitterness of chocolate. Presentation was good. It also tasted smooth. Later on I ordered Milkshake, which was decent. Nothing exceptional about it.

Decor was simple and service was excellent. People were kind and knowledgeable about the menu. Overall nice experience. For vegetarians, this might not be the best place for dinner but good place for snacks and high tea.

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