Restaurant: Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Mumbai Garden City

Recently my parents along with my brother and me celebrated my parent’s anniversary by visiting Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Mumbai Garden City in Goregaon for dinner. We opted for buffet so that we not just have all the options (Vegetarian options) but also unlimited food.
Anyways food was pretty good but the view of the city was astonishing. Seasonal Tastes is located on level 18 with floor to ceiling window showing Western Express highway and Aarey Colony.
Restaurant has Indian and International counter near the entrance, on the other side there was dessert counter with Salad counter, in the end Asian Counter. The variety of food was good and tasted just right.
From all the counters my favourite was Dessert! It showcased many varieties. Earlier I was little afraid as I don’t eat egg and eggless options in dessert are very few. But this countered surprised me with pure delight. Starting with Chocolate Fountain (marshmallow as options on stick), Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate cream and dark chocolate ice cream. For non chocolate lover there was Strawberry cream and Mango cheesecake and other Ice cream options. All eggless!!!
The desserts were amazing. A true eating experience! The only problem with Chocolate mousse was that it was served in a thin glass (impressive shape) but spoon given to eat it was going inside just half a way. The rest of the mousse i had to eat with knife (which was stupid but anything for chocolate).
Mousse was soft and yummy, chocolate cream was creamy in the right way. Chocolate fountain was lip-smacking. And chocolate ice cream reminded me the taste of Gelato, mouth-watering!
Seasonal Tastes had many taste but I enjoy the tempting desserts to the fullest.

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