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Traveler Blogger | Vlogger  | Photographer | Dancer | Marketer | Adventure Lover | Travel Consultant

The above words are just to describe my passion, hobby, interest and obviously occupation.

We all love traveling, exploring the world, try different cuisines, visit various places or just roam around your city. Though if I was given a choice, I would love to travel full time but just because you are not traveling full time doesn’t make a less traveler.

I believe that traveling is now-a-days accessible to everyone and anyone. Whether it is a natural trail walk or adventure sports, eating local cuisines or package food, traveling to outstation or out of the country, staying in fancy hotels or just couch-surfing at your friend’s place, group tour or solo traveler.. Travel has opened various avenues for us to experience!

The World is beautiful and the journey is life. Travel is like knowledge. This blog is my attempt to shed some light on beautiful places in and around India, countries abroad, travel photography, various restaurants & their food or just some travel talks!

So, Always.. Eat, Travel and don’t forget to have Fun…!!!

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