Instagrammable Places in Bandra

Bandra, a place filled with stars, history with the vibes of Goa in the heart of Mumbai. In this blog, I will share some of the Instagrammable Places in Bandra. These places consist of beach side, beautiful church and some of the amazing Graffiti Walls of Mumbai. When Art meets the street, a combination willContinue reading “Instagrammable Places in Bandra”

Gift Ideas for Travellers Under 1000 Rupees

Gift Ideas for Traveller, Gifting is has evolved over a period of time, from gifting flowers & chocolates to now gifting as per person’s taste and preference. Now, you will be thinking, if someone likes to travel, what kind of gift will be appropriate. Also, keeping in mind the budget, it is indeed a difficultContinue reading “Gift Ideas for Travellers Under 1000 Rupees”

Sailing in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams has so much to offer to everyone and one such experience is Sailing. Mumbai is on the coast of Arabian Sea and when you are so close to sea, you should take time to spend sometime in Sea. Sailing in Mumbai is one such activity which takes you in theContinue reading “Sailing in Mumbai”

Photo Journey to Mehrauli Archeology Park, Delhi

One of the unexplored place in Delhi is Mehrauli Archeology Park which reside in the Mehrauli, an area between Delhi and Gurgaon. It is an archeological site and one of the oldest extant forts in Delhi. Around Mehrauli Archeology Park When I shifted to Delhi, I was very excited to explore the city and the bestContinue reading “Photo Journey to Mehrauli Archeology Park, Delhi”

Night Safari at Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok

One of the top attractions in Sandakan is Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok. Our itinerary was so tight that we couldn’t visit it during the day time. Earlier we did Night safari in Mulu National Park and that experience was amazing. Hence, we decided to do it again in Sandakan. We called the centre and askedContinue reading “Night Safari at Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok”

Kayaking at Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu

On our one day trip to Gaya Island, we opted Discover Scuba Diving course, you can read about our underwater experience in Scuba Diving at Gaya Island. In our second half of the day, we went for Kayaking. Kayaking sounds simple, looks simple and it is also simple to do if you have lots ofContinue reading “Kayaking at Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu”

Scuba Diving at Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu

One of the amazing water sport, scuba diving, I intend to do for years and years but didn’t materialise. Finally, in my trip to Borneo I decided to try scuba diving as Gaya Island near Kota Kinabalu as I heard they have one of the good Corel reefs. In Kota Kinabalu, scuba diving is doneContinue reading “Scuba Diving at Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu”

Sewri Jetty – Flamingo Season

Lesser know facts about Mumbai is that Mumbai is also a home to flamingos for around 6 months from October – March. Sewri is the place where lesser Flamingo migrated from Siberia via Kutch to come and breed in the mudflats. There are 6 types of Flamingo and the one which is small and white-pinkContinue reading “Sewri Jetty – Flamingo Season”

Underwater Sea Walk, Pattaya

During my trip to Thailand, many people suggested me to do a Coral Island trip, which offers traveler opportunity to do some water based adventure. One of the adventures was Underwater Sea Walk. It is the substitute of Scuba Diving and since we didn’t have time to do scuba diving, we opted for this. UnderwaterContinue reading “Underwater Sea Walk, Pattaya”

The Lil Flea Market, Mumbai

Entrance to The Lil Flea Market Started in 2014, The Lil Flea Market is a vibrant 3 day event which offers creative products, experimental cuisines, music and art and lively atmosphere. Stall selling various items The event gives an opportunity to Bombay’s upcoming artist, designers, chefs and startup companies to showcase their products to theContinue reading “The Lil Flea Market, Mumbai”

Kala Ghoda Festival 2016, Mumbai

Every year, Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Festival celebrates the art and bring the culture of art to common people. 2016 was the 17 year of Kala Ghoda Festival and it has grown from year to year on. 12 day festival covers the different aspect of art, from photography and food to display of art and strongContinue reading “Kala Ghoda Festival 2016, Mumbai”

Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli

If you have day free and you wish to spend it well.. What will come to your mind?  Trip to nearby hill station.. Done!  Sleep the whole day and watch movies.. Done! Go and meet long lost relatives you stay far away from you.. Done!  Visit an amusement park.. Oh yes! That’s pending..! So weContinue reading “Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli”

Road Trip – Delhi to Mumbai

From Political capital to financial capital, the Delhi-Mumbai road trip covers the beautiful state of Rajasthan, Gujarat leads to Maharashtra. The total distance between the two cities is around 1400 km via NH8. In a go this distance can be covered in a non stop 24 hour drive, but what’s the fun if you can’tContinue reading “Road Trip – Delhi to Mumbai”

Sula Vineyards, Nasik

Vineyards  In your busy life, when weekend comes, all we want to do is sleep and eat. But for people like me, we crave for experiences and learning new things. One of such experience was a visit to India’s premium wine company, Sula Vineyards. Sula established by Rajeev Samant and his partner from Calfiornia KerryContinue reading “Sula Vineyards, Nasik”

Goa – Kitesurfing Destination

When people think of ‘Goa’ only two things come to our mind.. Beach and Booz. Well.. Also water sports come like Jet boat, Parasailing, Banana ride and a few more! But no one will ever think of Goa as Kitesurfing destination. Kitesurfing is the new water sport in town. It has gain tremendous popularity abroad,Continue reading “Goa – Kitesurfing Destination”

Kolad – Weekend Rafting Getaway

There are many small places for rafting in India. Famous ones are in Rishikesh and Ladakh. Both locations are in north India. What about Mumbai people? Where can they go for rafting and if they want to go for short duration? Kolad is answer to these questions. Reside in Roha district. Kolad is an amazingContinue reading “Kolad – Weekend Rafting Getaway”

Weekend in a Farmhouse, Hadshi, Pune

So after tiring bus drive when day is about to end along with excitement to have great fun in weekend, we land up in place similar to my dream house. We all cousins and friends landed in a relatives Farmhouse in Hadshi Which is 30 minute drive from Pune. The Bungalow is amazing. 3 storiedContinue reading “Weekend in a Farmhouse, Hadshi, Pune”