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Boston Travel Guide, blog sharing detail of 3 Day Trip in Boston, Massachusetts and do winter activities around. We decided to go to experience Boston in Wnters and get a chance to do snow activities like snow tubing, snowmobile and if possible see Ice Sculpture.

Before we reach Boston, we traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and did Tour National Park of USA. Boston was last part of our trip to USA in December. Boston Travel Guide Blog explores 3 days of we exploring the city and doing some fun activities.

Boston is known for snow and storm during winters and it can be harsh for traveler to explore Boston. We were prepared with all our snow and winter gear to face such situation, however, to our surpise, it was cloudy day with no snowfall for almost 1 week. We were kinda disappointed because our idea of Boston was to live life in snow and do all types of snow activities.

Day 1: Snow Tubing Park

We started our trip by visiting Nashoba Valley Ski Area and Snow Tubing Park. We opted for snow tubing as our time in the city was short and learning ski required more days. The ticket entitled us 90 minutes of non-stop fun of sliding down the snow slope in a tube.

Snow Tubing was indeed fun activity to do in the winters. Once you get your tube, you take it to the top of the slop. Dont worry, you have electric way to the top of the slope. Once on top, just sit on the tube and slide down to the bottom of the slope. We tried various combination of people going together, from solo to two people to four people in one go!

Day 2: Snowmobile & ATV Ride

Next stop in Boston trip was Snowmobile ride in Lincoln, New Hamsphire. Since there was no snowfall, we had to go with ATV Ride in Snow. For snowmobile, there needs to be 5 feet snow layer. Since it didn’t snow for 2-3 days, the snow layer was thin and we had to skip on snowmobile and opt for ATV ride.

The team gave us all the instruction of riding ATV in Snow and we started exploring land filled with the snow. It took us sometime to realise how to ride ATV, after a small and slow start, we started our ride. With a quick photo stop near the lake, our ATV Ride continued to explore the flat lands around the lake and mountain. We had a good sunny day, making the pictures of ATV Ride bright and cheerful.

We booked our ATV Ride from Outback Kayak, they offer many snow activities including ATV Ride and Snowmobile.

Day 3: Boston Downtown

Last day of our stay at Boston was towards exploring Downtown Boston. We started walking around the Downtown Boston by visiting campus of various universities. First stop of University walk was Harvard. We explored the campus of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School.

After Harvard, we walked towards MIT Campus. We explored various spots on the way to the campus and also clicked some pictures at MIT. Since it was Christmas break, Campuses were quite as many students went back home for holiday season.

Boston often known as Educational and Learning Hub, it has more than 30 universities from Berklee School of Music to Tufts University to Northeastern to many more! Continuing our walking Tour of Boston University, we moved to Downtown Boston Park, strolled through the bridge, walked along side the river to even visiting the local festivals and ice skating rink around Boston.

Compared to other cities we visited in USA, Boston had a different vibe. Boston Travel Guide is 3 Day Itinerary of Boston for anyone planning a trip to the cities in the winters.

A city for learning and education, Boston is city filled with students. The city has different vibe and the building are short with red bricks.

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