Dazzling Dubai

Some years back from nothing to the city of new businesses, Dubai has turned dessert into the skyscraper. Not just Dubai, but all the cities of United Arab Emirates has been developed in very small time. 7 Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras-Al-Khaimah and Umm-Al-Qaiwain. Dubai, one of the 7 Emirates, and also second largest Emirates after Abu Dhabi, is a planned develop city which has become a hub for travelers and business around the world.

Being in middle between Europe and Asia, Dubai has open many opportunities for companies. Out of all Emirates, Dubai has portrayed themselves as a Destination to visit, has attracted quite a few travelers which keeps on increasing year on. As a traveler you might think, what a person can do in city of bricks and building? Surprisingly Dubai has all kinds of option to give everyone chance to either relax, do adventure or just shop.

Let’s check out what one can Do, See and Shop in Dubai.

1. Deserts Safari
A must in Dubai. It is half a day excursion where in the evening they will take you to the middle of the dessert. A big camp site with stall of food, collectibles, games, dance, music. You can either click photo in Arab attire or hold the eagle in your hand or try hiking or just sit and enjoy the performance of belly dancers. Best part of this entire experience is going towards the camp in the middle of the dessert in 4WD, moving up, down, sideways in the desert mountain. The entire drive is a thrilling adventure.

Desserts Safari

Sufi Dancer

2. Ferrari World
One of the amazing parks in the world, Ferrari World showcase the entire collection, history and story of Ferrari with rides for people to enjoy. The rollercoaster rides are super thrilling and it will make you scream out of your gut. I need not say more as it will spoil the fun of the ride.

Image Courtesy: Google

3. Sky diving above Palm Jumeirah
For the adventure junkie, skydiving is one of the extreme adventure you can do. And doing it on top of Palm Jumeirah is like the cherry on the cake. Obviously view will be enjoyed by only those who aren’t scared of height.

Image Courtesy: Google

4. Aquaventure Waterpark
After three amazing activities mentioned above, waterpark is not a big attraction, but people with small kids, this is indeed a fun time for them. The rides are quite good and a whole day can be spent here chilling.

Image Courtesy: Atlantis The Palm

5. Ski in Mall of Emirates
Compare to snow mountains and hills, this is the artificial version of the same experience. The only difference is that mountains are outdoors and ski in Mall of Emirates is indoor. For those who haven’t been to snowy place or the mountains, do visit for the fun of feeling that cold weather & playing with snow (especially throwing snowballs).

Image Courtesy: Google

1. At the top – Burj Khalifa
A chance to be in the tallest of the tall, Burj Khalifa. The status is visible from any part of Dubai. It shows the development the city had over the last 5-10 years. At the Top is on 126 floors of Burj Khalifa. The entry to ‘At the Top’ is from Dubai Mall where the lift will take you to 126 floors in a matter of just 1 minute (isn’t that awesome!). Once you reach there, you will get consumed with the spectacular view of Dubai. Day time is good to see the city clearly, but my favorite is night view. With the lights shining at every part of City, you will see a totally different version of Dubai.

Top from A
t the Top
View from At the Top
View from At the Top

2. Burj Al Arab
One of the best and top 7 star hotels of the world, Burj Al Arab is class apart. On the beach of Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab is in shape of Sailing Boat. Obviously, if you have a lot of money, staying there for one night is world’s best experience. For those who don’t have so much of money, you can look at exploring options like Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner buffet in one of their restaurants. When you book your table, the Hotel will offer you a little tour of the hotel before you proceed to your table. Burj Al Arab gives you a chance to see Jumeirah Palm from the top. I am sure more than food, the view and magnificent hotel is what interest us more.

Burj Al Arab

3. Mosque (Jumeriah and others)
It will be unfortunate if you go to an Islamic country and not visit their religious place. There are many mosques spread out in the city. You can choose to see any of them. All are designed in such a way that they all have their own uniqueness.

Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

4. Dubai Museum
A good way to know the history of any country is by visiting their Museum. The Dubai museum showcases their history and their occupation before oil was discovered. I know if might sound boring to visit Museum but you never know what you will find there or even learn about Dubai.

Outside Dubai Museum

5. Dubai Miracle Garden
Since Dubai is a planned city, it also has lots of plantation around the roads and stuff. The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of such places which showcase the various flora and fauna. If the weather is good, you can think of going there for a small picnic.

Image Courtesy: Google

1. Gold Souk
One of the main reasons for people to go to Dubai is to buy gold. Gold Souk is the place for it. Dubai’s gold is one of the purest of all and it has many varieties which one can opt for. The entire market ‘Gold Souk’ is filled with shops with a huge display of gold items. If you are not planning to buy (which is not going to be the case), do visit for the sight.

Image Courtesy: Google

2. Dubai Mall and many other Malls (Mall of Emirates, Mercato, Ibn Battuta Mall, Wafi mall and more)
City of filled with malls on each street and area. All areas have their own unique malls. All malls are such that they differ from one another. For eg. If you visit Dubai Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall, apart from some brands, you will find a huge difference between the architecture & the concept of the mall. During Dubai Shopping Festival, each mall offers amazing discounts on almost all the products.

Dubai Mall

3. Global Village
Held once in a year for some months, Global Village is the biggest exhibition of country. It is so huge that half day will be less to see it entirely. Each country has their own stalls (huge stall rather) and they showcase the specialty of their county which is on sale. You will find from clothes to shoes to decorative items to food to many more. It is a feeling of a world tour in a zest.

Global Village

4. Meena Bazaar
Meena bazaar is a place to find all those first copies of branded bags and watches and glares. It also has gold shops where you might find gold cheaper than the gold souk (depends on how well you bargain). Another just buy from Meena Bazaar (for those who are light on the pocket but heavy on brands), perfumes. Many shops here offer trial bottles, which are original perfume bottle but without proper packing. These bottles are used by companies during promotion and stuff. You will find all good perfumes are almost half the price of an original. Only missing part will be the package.

Image Courtesy: Google

5. Spice Souk/Market
Similar to Gold Souk, Spice Souk is the place to purchase spices. You will find many varieties of spices here. Most of the people from Europe and other part of the world comes here to purchase their spices (especially Indian spices).

Image Courtesy: Google

From Dubai, you can also look at day excursion to other Emirates like Abu Dhabi or Al Ain and so on.
Hope this list helps you with your planning for Dubai Trip!

Mansi Oza

A travel enthusiast juggling a full-time gig in tourism with my love for exploration! Instead of tallying countries, I'm all about cherishing the experiences each journey brings. Whether it's blending business with leisure or diving headfirst into new adventures, I'm here to share the thrill of discovery with you! Let's embark on unforgettable escapades together!

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