Las Vegas From India

My trip to Las Vegas from India was one of the most awaited and exciting trip!! I got to explore amazing casinos, stayed in world’s best hotel, visited Unique hotels of Las Vegas, watched fabulous shows in Las Vegas and much more !!

We have heard and seen so much about Las Vegas that my excitement level for Las Vegas from India was super high. I was excited to stay in those luxurious hotel, visit the casinos at night, watch spectacular shows, see street performances and much more!

Casino Hopping

We stayed in Bellagio Hotel and spent first day exploring various casinos at hotels like Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Venetian Las Vegas and more!! We called this sightseeing as Casino Hopping 😜. Being new to casino and the games, it took us sometime to understand the mechanics. We also spent some time understanding the slot machine and how to play slot machines. Apart from slot machine, we also spent time learning card games like Blackjack, and Poker!! There are couple more games in casinos for the casino experts like Poker. The bets on each table varies, from small bets to high stake games, Las Vegas Casinos has everything for everyone. Even for someone like me who is completely new to casino, I could do safe bets on some tables and slot machines. 

Fermont Street aka Downtown Las Vegas

We also spent time exploring Downtown Las Vegas aka Fremont Street at night with amazing lights. Fermont Street is known for its light ceiling which showcases amazing colors and lights! Fermont Street has zipline available for adventure enthusiasts. It goes from centre point at Fermont Street to all the way till the end. It is really exciting to walk around the street and watch some amazing street performances by various artist.

Shows on The Strip

Best part of Las Vegas is that you can see many shows on The Strip For free. You can easily do Las Vegas at cheaper cost by watching each of the shows. The top one is Bellagio Fountain Show. Opposite to that is Paris Light Show, lighting the Effiel Tower. As you move ahead on the street, you move ahead towards Mirage Hotel, do wait to see Mirage Volcano Show. Apart from that, inside the Caesars Palace is Fall of Atlantis. All these shows last for 5 minutes and happens at every interval in the evening.

For those seeking breathtaking shows then do opt for O or KA by Cirque du Soleil. They are one of the top grossing shows in Las Vegas. Apart from them, there are other awesome shows like Blue Man Group, live shows of various artist like Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul etc. Las Vegas is a place with a stage and each stage puts forward their best show to amaze their audience. 

Shopping in Las Vegas

Most of the hotels also have shopping malls like The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Bellagio Shopping etc. Those shops are for high end luxury brands. Apart from Shopping inside the big hotels, there are other shopping malls in Las Vegas offering all range of brands. The Strip also has one of the Big M&M store where you can get variety of M&M and their merchandise. For those seeking cheaper options, Fermont Street has some roadside vendor offering designer t-shirts and accessories. 

National Park from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in close proximity with various other national parks in neighbouring states of Utah and Arizona. There are minimum 10 National Parks which you can visit from Las Vegas including Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon National Park and many more! I booked 2 Days / 1 Night Tour from Las Vegas to cover Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is a destination which has options from cheap stays to most expensive luxurious hotel experiences. You can go as wild as you wish to be in this sin-city. Create some of the most memorable experiences in the world in Las Vegas.

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