Sandakan, Sabah

Sandakan, second biggest city in Sabah, is also second busiest place after Kota Kinabalu. During my visit to Sabah, I was staying in Sepilok region, which is around 1 hour away from Sandakan. Earlier we thought of staying in Sandakan and visiting various places in and around Sepilok, but due to time constraint and also less day in Sandakan, we decided to stay in Sepilok and pay a day visit to the city. 
Sandakan City view
Compare to Kota Kinabalu, I found Sandakan much quieter and cleaner. The city centre is near harbour and few attractions are on the border of the city. We started our day with lunch at Four Point by Sheraton. The hotel is at best spot i.e. near harbour where you get a view of the endless Sulu Sea and all cargo ships traveling from Sandakan to various other countries. Food at Four Point By Sheraton was amazing and quantity was good compared to other restaurants. Being vegetarian, we have to struggle to find good vegetarian food, but at Four Point by Sheraton, it was indeed tasty and perfect. We had ordered potato wedges with pasta and pizza. 
View of Infinity Pool at Four Point by Sheraton
Since I had little time, I visited very few places in Sandakan. However, I am sharing with you all things one can do in Sandakan.
Turtle Island
If time permits, also pay a visit to the marvelous Turtle Island. The tour in the afternoon when the operator will pick you from your hotel in Sandakan and take you to Turtle Island. After dinner once the night sets in, they will take you near the beach where turtles gave give birth to the little turtle. You will also get a chance to see journey of little turtle towards the sea. After a good night’s sleep, you will be dropped to Sandakan city in the morning post breakfast. 
Turtle Island
Photo Courtesy: Google
Agnes Keith House and Museum
It is a house of former author, Mrs. Agnes Keith’s house is converted into a teahouse and a museum. A small stop during your afternoon tea.
Agnes Keith House
Sandakan War Memorial Park
The park is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives during the Borneo Death Marches during the Second World War. Walk through the park towards the memorial will enlighten you with the history of Sandakan. 
Sandakan War Memorial
Photo Courtesy: Google
St. Michael’s Church 
Built during British rule, St. Michael’s Church is one of the oldest church in Sandakan and only to survive World War 2.
St Michael’s Church
Photo Courtesy: Google
Local Market 
Sandakan is a good place to shop in the city. There is a local market near harbour to get a variety of fishes and sea creatures. Remember to bargain!

Sandakan was the last stop in our tour and exciting closer to our fabulous trip to Borneo. Sandakan has offered us a place to venture into the place of wildlife and nature.

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