Switzerland Trip

Switzerland trip

Switzerland is indeed a dream destination for many of us. It has all those things that one can dream of: lush landscape, amazing rail connectivity, conducive weather, happy people, and chocolates, lots of them! Switzerland is the only place in Europe that is most expensive, but if we plan well, we can make the most of the thing and not really put a big hole in our pockets. My Switzerland Trip was a guide for me know tell you all the points you need to known before planning your trip.

We had planned a whole week’s stay during Switzerland trip so that each and every part of the country could be visited. Many people opt for only Interlaken or Lucerne during their week-long trip to 3–4 countries in Europe. I strongly advise that if you really want to see the country, stay for at least 5-7 days and explore the unusual places in Switzerland. 


Earlier, tourists visited Switzerland only in the summer season as the weather became more pleasant, but in recent years, it has become a yearlong destination, with many tourists travel to the country during the winter to enjoy skiing. It has great Alps for skiing, and the service provided by the government is amazing. The ski lifts are well maintained and provide beginner- to expert level slopes. 


When it comes to accommodations, Switzerland offers everything from the most expensive to the most basic. You can either choose to stay in hotels or try the traditional Swiss cottage. Even apartments in Switzerland resemble the traditional cottage style, and you will not see any high-rise buildings in the country. We opted for an apartment in a very secluded location in Switzerland, which is famous for skiing. Travelling from that location was difficult as public transportation was only available until a specific time (before sunset). We did our entire trip via self-drive to be able to access those remote locations. 


Being a vegetarian, I thought I might face problems with vegetarian food during Switzerland trip, but it was very easily available. In cities like Interlaken and Lucerne, there were many Indian restaurants offering not just vegetarian food but also Jain food. We had some of the best vegetarian Italian and Mexican food. The food that you can’t miss while in Switzerland is fondue. For cheese lovers, it is a dish one should definitely have. We went to a traditional restaurant that offers only Swiss food, and it was amazing, bit expensive compared to other restaurants, but the experience was good!!! 


Switzerland is one such country where travelling around is never a problem. Each of the locations is well connected with Swiss Rail, boats, trams, and ropeways. When you have a Swiss Pass, you can not just ride the train; it also includes other modes of transportation like boats or trams. However, all the public transportation has a closing time, so if you wish to stay out late, driving yourself will be the better option. 


Another thing that one should not miss is chocolate. When in Switzerland, eat Swiss chocolate. From chocolate and cheese workshops to chocolate trains, Switzerland is paradise for chocolate lovers! I enjoyed my experience making chocolate and learning more about chocolate at Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken in my Switzerland Trip. 

Switzerland is also known for its watches, and if you visit Switzerland, you will be tempted to buy a Swiss watch. Shopping in general is expensive in Switzerland, whether it is buying Swiss cheese or a watch. Interlaken and Zurich are some of the top cities for shopping, and for local souvenirs, you can buy them in small towns. 

Clothing in Switzerland is based on the weather and which month you are visiting. I did the trip in September, and it was pleasant weather. We only wore winter jackets when we visited Jungfrau and Zermatt; otherwise, on a regular day, a dress or jeans are sufficient. If you are prone to cold weather, carry a pair of jackets wherever you go, like I used to do. In the summer, you have the freedom to wear any type of clothing as the temperature goes up and it becomes quite sunny. The most important thing is to carry good sunscreen, as the sun hits you even when there is snow. 


Adventure lovers can look at skiing in the Alps, but those who are not ski lovers can do many other things like bungee jumping or trekking (the best one is from Grindelwald to Interlaken). Most of the activities in Switzerland are of a relaxing nature, like a boat ride in Geneva, Lucerne, or Interlaken, a walking tour of the city, a cheese and chocolate workshop, visiting the mountain tops, a train ride (the best one is the Glacier Express), or even opting for a cycle tour. 

Overall, it is a place that offers the best of views, luxury, and convenience, all in one well-managed country. Even after staying for a week, it felt like I still needed to do more!

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