5 Gadgets in my Travel Bag

There are certain things you can’t live without in life and some gadgets you need when traveling. These 5 Gadgets in my Travel Bag comes with me everywhere I go. My every trip is incomplete without these Gadgets.

In recent times, life has been dependent on gadgets so much, that we end up relying on them at every step of our way. The traveling in old days, to traveling now, everything is available and accessible in a go.

These are 5 Gadgets in my Travel Bag.

Mobile phone

Obviously, where ever you go, you carry your mobile phone with you. It has everything in 1 Gadget, whether it is for clicking picture or making note or listening to music or watching movie, all can be gone in this single gadget. Most of us are so addicted to this device that it has become part of our everyday life. Not just enjoyment, we use for work purpose as well. Whether it is to check email, make a quick conference call, every small task can be done with this device. No doubt, now a days it has become a body part.


The trend was started with camera with roll of 30 films, move on to digital camera and now DSLR camera. The quality and quantity of pictures are adding a new life to the world. Simultaneously, video shoot camera have also evolved to a better and finer technology with latest trend of GoPro Adventure camera. Recording travel has become more of creating our own travel movie featuring the beautiful background and pumped up music. With photo sharing has become a part of life with Instagram, capturing moments from 30 film to endless pictures is the new trend.


Nothing is better than breathing in the view, relaxing a muscle with a music to your ears. You can obviously choose to play it loud but that wont have the magical effect then the effect of only your ears listening to the music and eyes admiring the place. Also, playing it loud means disturbing others when they are silently enjoying themselves. Most of my journeys in bus or a train has been spent by listening to my favourite music and looking out at the window.


For some this gadget can be option but to a bookworm, Kindle is must carry gadget in my Travel Bag. Though I do love the feel of booking while reading but when I am traveling, I don’t want to carry 1000 page book along with camera in my bag-pack. Kindle makes life easy and simple. It carries all my book in a single gadget who’s weight is equivalent to the weight of my mobile phone (or even lesser).

Spare Batteries and PowerBank

All the above can be done only when the gadgets have enough battery. And to have more battery backup, we rely on yet another gadget, spare batteries or power bank. Extra batteries for camera or power bank to charge gadgets when they are down. Also, along with this, power converter is important so that any gadgets can be plugged in without facing issue.

If you really want to know how traveling can bring a change to your life, then try going on Trips without this gadgets

These were the my pick of  gadgets in my Travel Bag. With the help of these gadgets, I am able to record my travel and share with you in these blogs. Comment below and share your must carry gadget while traveling.

Mansi Oza

A travel enthusiast juggling a full-time gig in tourism with my love for exploration! Instead of tallying countries, I'm all about cherishing the experiences each journey brings. Whether it's blending business with leisure or diving headfirst into new adventures, I'm here to share the thrill of discovery with you! Let's embark on unforgettable escapades together!

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