Road Trip Essential

Road Trip Essential

I love taking Road Trip and during such trips, it is important keep in mind Road Trip Essentials to have a hassle-free experience. Whether it is Road Trip or Long Drive, we need to be prepared with some basics know-how and checklist to avoid any problems on the road.

I love taking road trips! I find them the best way to explore cities and country. Not just in India, but also but also abroad. I have drove on some of the famous road trips in India like Chennai-Pondicherry, Road Trip Across Karnataka, Delhi-Mumbai etc. When you are on the road, you have freedom to decide which place you want stay, where you want to eat or just take random breaks to click pictures!

In this blog, I will briefly go through some of the points you need to keep in mind as Road Trip Essential.

Car Essentials

Condition of the Car is most important Road Trip Essential as you will be spending most of the time behind the wheel. Before you start your Road Trip, get your car serviced and ensure below things are noted during the servicing:

  • Tyre Air & Pressure
  • Spare Tyre & Jack Condition
  • Air-condition Servicing
  • Wiper Condition & Fill the water tank

Apart this, also keep dry cloth and window shade in your car during the long journey. Most important during Road Trip is to know basic car care like how to change the tyre or check engine whether it is heated or not. It may sound silly but these basic knowledge is important if any kind of situation occurs whilst you are on the road.

While traveling around India, you will see many toll on national & state highways. To pass through toll smoothly, update your FasTag and load it with enough balance for the journey. That being said, do keep cash for any emergency or tolls which do not accept FasTag.

Food Essentials

How can you not talk about food while talking about traveling. Food is most important essential for fun road trips. Carry dry snacks like chips, dry fruits to much on the way but save your appetite for delicious food at restaurant you find on the way and try local cuisine for best experience.

Apart from dry snacks. liquid is most important and we do not need to remind ourselves to carry enough water with us. Water is essential, but also keep either juice or cold drinks to give you quick energy boost. This becomes necessary to get rid of sleep or lousiness you feel on the way. Drink with sugar gives rush to keep going.

Carrying a Mint-based chocolate or candy is another food essential required during the long journey. It can be chocolate based or completely mint ones, carry these to give you freshness on the way. These helps you feel fresh and also reduce motion sickness.

Personal Care & Entertainment

In this section, I will shortlist some of the personal care essentials required during the road trips. These essential will make journey smoother and are important to avoid any health issues. In your hand-bag, please carry below Road Trip Essential in personal care:

  • Sunglasses
  • USB Connector & Power Bank
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit
  • Wet & Dry Tissues
  • Hand Sanitiser

In entertainment, you can carry a book or tablet to have some me time on the road. However, I avoid that when I am on road trip with family as I would like to interact and be alert for driver instead of continue on silent journey.

Music is best way to enjoy the road and with digitalisation, we tend to listen to music online. While you can do that on the way as well, but if you come across a patch with no network, music will stop and journey will become silent. To avoid such scenarios, save your music offline and be less dependent on internet on the road.

Journey Essential

After all the above points, you will soon start your journey. This section contains point related to journey and planning. Here are few important things to keep in the mind whilst you are on the road trip:

  • Save Offline Map – Always save your route offline to avoid getting lost due to no network zones
  • Inform someone about your trip – It is most important that atleast one person knows about your plan for some uncertain events
  • Check terrain of your journey – To be well prepared for the trip, check the terrain so that you as well as car will be in the condition to be driven on those roads.
  • Enough sleep before the journey – It is most important to have enough sleep a day prior to avoid sleepiness while driving
  • Petrol Stops – As soon as your tank hits 30% of its capacity, take a Petrol Stop. Never delay filling the petrol especially on highway where there will not be petrol pump on a very long stretch.
  • Emergency Service Number – Always keep emergency service numbers handy while traveling. There will be numbers on highway as well for car towing. Keep all these numbers handy for emergency.

Lastly, I love to plan my food stops in advance based on which state or place I am visiting. Do your research while planning the trip to try local cuisine. Many times there are famous road-side dhabba which you can never miss.

Road Trip Essential is also covered in the detail on Eat Travel Fun Youtube Channel

As it is said many times, Destination is not important, Journey is. In Road Trip, Journey is what matters. To have journey filled with fun and hassle-free, Road Trip Essential list your handy guide.

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