Cafe: Coffee by Di Bella

Ages ago when ‘Di Bella Coffee‘ started their coffee shops in India, that time I visited them once for their coffee. Di Bella is an Australian brand and their coffee was good. 

Recently they have changed their image by introducing waffles in their menu. Waffles, one of the breakfast dish is now eaten as dessert any time of the day. Also popular combination of Waffles with Maple syrup is replaced by Nutella spread. For me, the waffle is a dessert and new menu by Di Bella offers variety of waffles one can choose from. Starting with classic waffles with Maple syrup to Chocolate Explosion for chocoholic to Mango Waffles (seasonal favorite) for mango lovers. The menu contains an amazing wide variety of waffles for chocolate lover with the combination of our favorite chocolates like Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher and many more. 

I opted for Nutella waffle along with After 8 Premium Shake. Waffle was good, it was thick compare to what I had in past, crisp and entire waffle was covered with Nutella. Only disappointment was that from corners, waffle was too hard to cut with knife & fork. Nutella waffle was served with Chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. It wasn’t too chocolatey as you expect Chocolate Explosion or Ferraro Rocher be, however well worth it especially for Nutella fans.

Nutella Waffle at Di Bella Coffee
After 8 Premium shake was really nice. I was a bit skeptical as mint flavour can be some time be too strong, Di Bella made sure that milk shake will have chocolate and mint flavor complimenting each other.

Ambiance wise, this outlet is a little small and its next to the bookshop. When we reached, inside seating was full and we had to sit outside with a lot of mosquito’s roaming on our heads (maybe because it was evening time). Luckily, as we were placing orders, sometime emptied their seat inside and we quickly ran to catch the seat.

Good attempt to bring new and currently popular dish to the menu. Looks like Waffle is becoming the dish to have in the town these days! 

Tried and Tasted: Nutella Waffle with After 8 Premium Shake

Must Eat: Waffles

Heavenly: Their coffee

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai

After 8 Premium Shake
Delicious Waffle from extensive chocolate options

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