Cafe: Tea Villa Cafe, Mumbai

Tea Villa Cafe was a complete surprise.. I thought I will be entering some cafe which will be focused on Tea (as their name suggest) but I was surprised to find a cafe which is very lively and offers many varieties of food and obviously Tea. Anyways, my intention of going there was not about tea or food, but I went there for the delicious looking (now tasting) Waffles. I had seen a picture on Instagram of the Waffles at Tea Villa Cafe and my sweet tooth couldn’t resist the temptation.

We ordered Nutella Waffle. The moment it came to the moment it vanished, it was delicious! Waffles were crispy with lots of Nutella on top. It was served hot (though it went cold because we went nuts clicking pictures 😛 I know.. I know.. Crazy me!) The menu looks interesting and if I was planning for lunch or something, I would be confused as what to order and what not! The cafe was filled with people, hence, it was quite noisy. We also order Chocolate Milkshake. Compare to Waffle, it wasn’t great. It was ok-ish! (Maybe because I have better milkshake at other places or I was mesmerised by the waffles)

Nutella Waffle at Tea Villa Cafe, Bandra

Since the menu was interesting and I wanted to try their food, I went again to Tea Villa Cafe, this time in their Vile Parle East Branch. Tea Vila Cafe in Vile Parle is a bit smaller to the one on the Hill road. The tables are very much near to each other which is not a problem unless you have a college group sitting behind you, talking from the top of their voices (really irritating!). Luckily, we changed our seat very far away from the college crowd.

Their food menu is extensive and they have cuisines like Italian, Mexican and also Chinese. Since we were not too hungry, we ordered Taco’s and Basket of Fries. Taco stuffing was good, little Indianised by adding paneer to it. Also the tortilla was hard and thick, making it hard to eat. Basket of fries was the best one! There were Peri Peri fries, potato wedges, normal fries and more! It was served with three dips (Mayo, BBQ and tomato sauce).

Basket of Fries with three delicious dips
Taco’s at Tea Villa Cafe, Vile Parle (East)

We were suppose to go with Waffles again but we ended up ordering the Chocolate Soil Cake. It was chocolate with a layer of cheese. Tasted amazing and thankfully, Cheese was not overpowering the chocolate.

Chocolate Soil Cake, Hint of Cheese mixed with Dark Chocolate

Though they are famous for Tea and the variety they offer, I always ended up having everything but tea. Good place to hangout, especially when they offer really good food and a decent price!

Tried and Tasted: Taco’s, Basket of Fries, Chocolate Soil Cake, Nutella Waffles, Chocolate Milkshake

Must Eat / Drink: Waffles, Basket of Fries and their Tea’s

Heavenly: Nutella Waffle and Chocolate Soil Cake

Location: Hill Road Bandra, Vile Parle East, Newly opened in Versova

Yummy Nutella Waffle
Indianised Taco’s

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