Food Truck Festival, Mumbai

Food Truck Square
Food Truck, a very popular concept abroad is now spreading its vines to India. Though Mumbai has been lagging behind whereas food truck in cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Pune are seen quite often. With Mumbai kick starting it’s Food Truck Festival, it is a request to the government to allow them to serve food freely across the streets of Mumbai.
Entrance to Food Truck Festival
Let’s take a look at what you mean by food truck. First and foremost, it is a truck serving food. Not like those transportation trucks, but small vans serving food. Second, Trucks have freedom to find its location with parking wherever they deem fit. Another thing food truck has advantage is that they serve few items making it quality dishes and not quantity. By having food truck, owner definitely saves the cost of rental places, but that also affects customer by not having space to sit and eat. That’s why food truck serves food which is takeaway kind or more like munchies which doesn’t require sitting.
Bombay Food Truck
Coming back to our Food Truck Festival in Mumbai, it was really amazing to see so many food truck offering variety of dishes, cuisines at not so cheap but also not expensive price. After going through menu’s of all food trucks, I decided to opt for Broken Vada Pav at Bombay Food Truck. The famous Mumbai street food has given a twist with soft cheese pouring over Vada pav which is broken in half. Unlike normal Vada pav, this wasn’t spicy nor the filling of Vada was sufficient to actually taste the Vada pav. Still, I somewhat liked the broken Vada pav due to the topping of cheese.
Broken Vada Pav
Obviously, this dish deserves some drink and that’s what you can spot Avni & Myra’s Kitchen offering smoothies and slush. People Sweet tooth are in for a treat by Yummy Wheels who were offering ice creams in flavour of Nutella and Kit Kat amongst others. Even Sweetish House Mafia had their food truck, but all they offered was cookies, wish they had also served their yummy pastries.
The disappointing truck for me was The Lalit Food Truck. They were not at all organised, also due to short staff there wasn’t anyone monitoring the order or keeping tab of it. I tried placing an order for Vegetarian Taco’s thrice but none of the staff observed and when they finally take a note of my order, even after 30 minutes no order came. People who came after me, got their orders, but no response to my order. Finally, after getting irritated with their service, I left the truck without collecting my order.
Overall, the event was good initiative and opportunity to make people familiar with the concept of food truck. The event for good response on day 1 and 2 that they extended to a third day. 
Date: 20 – 21 – 22 May 2016
Time: 12 pm – 10 pm
Venue: Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel
Entry Fee: Free
Participants: The Lalit Food Truck, Bombay Food Truck, Czar Food Trucks, Paninaro, Avni & Myra’s Kitchen, Yummy Wheels, Supper Hero, FoGo and Sweetish House Mafia
Aerial View of the festival

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