5 Unique Travel Experience in Maharashtra

I will share 5 Unique Travel Experience in Maharashtra as not many people know that Maharashtra has some of the amazing experience a Traveller Should Do. These experiences are magical, unique and brings the best out of some unknown destination.

Being a travel enthusiast, I always look for something unique to do while traveling and came across some of the unique travel experiences in Maharashtra. Let’s not waste time and start out countdown to Top 5 Unique Travel Experiences in Maharashtra!

5. Rafting in Kolad

Traveller who are looking for some adventure and thrill, Rafting is your antidote. You don’t need to go Rishikesh to do rafting, head to Kolad in Roha region of Maharashtra for some fun. Rafting on Kundalika River is a year around experience as water is released from dam. Though Monsoon is best time when river is flowing with fresh water. There are many camps in Kolad which provides complete package with food & adventure activities for traveller. The Rapid Grade is 2 and 3, ideal for beginner.

Apart from rafting, Kolad also offers other adventures like Rappeling, Trekking and Kayaking. Rafting in Kolad is experience for every age group.

4. Kaas Plateau in Satara

Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers, Kaas Plateau also known as Kaas Pathar, is an area near Satara. It falls under Sayadri Mountains of Western Ghat. Once in a year, an entire land is blooming with colourful flowers like pink, yellow, red, blue, purple flowers. This place has been added to UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ideal time to visit is from Mid-Aug to End of Sept. Kaas Plateau is one of the best sight for photography as entire land becomes a canvas for photographer to use!

Since last couple of years, the flowers are not as much as they used to be but with recent slow down in our activities, we can expect more flowers and blossoms year.

3. Velas Turtle Festival in Ratnagiri

Velas Turtle Festival is witnessing the birth of Baby Turtles and their Journey into the ocean. The coastal town, Velas, is located in Ratnagiri, where Sea Turtles come on the beach and prepare to lay eggs. It is a celebration of breeding process and there is no set date of hatching. So, you need to stay for minimum 3 days to have chance of witnessing the journey. The ideal time for turtle to lay eggs to baby turtle crossing the beach to go to see, it can happen anytime from mid-Feb to April. 

Locals in Velas celebrate this festival and helps turtle lay eggs and take care till eggs hatch and baby turtle starts their journey towards the sea.

2. Fireflies Festival in Bhandardara

Fireflies are inspects in Beetle family whose body promotes lights to attract the other firefly, this activity is called Dance of Fireflies. In Bhandardara, these fireflies showcase their dance right before the Monsoon. You can witness these magical creatures from Mid-April – Beginning June, right before the start of monsoon. There are many camp sites which provide this experience along with stay in tent or homestay. Famous site to witness Fireflies is Purushwadi near Bhandardara, but you can also see them in Bhandardara city. 

Fireflies in Bhandardara are visible before the first rain, however, there is no guarantee on how many you will see when you visit. Also, they are only visible in the pitch dark sky.

Before we continue with our list of 5 Unique Travel Experiences in Maharashtra, here are two Honorable Mention:

Vineyards in Nasik

A perfect place to know more about Indian wine cultivation, making and tasting. Although it is year around destination, Best time is from Nov-Mar when the stomping of grape happens to make the wine. Apart from famous Sula Vineyards, there are many other vineyards in Nasik offering similar experiences of wine making tour to tasting.

Trekking in Maharashtra

Trekking in Maharashtra is one of the best experience as you have from beginners to advance level of trekking options available. The Highest Mountain Peak of Maharashtra is Kalsubai and Trek to Kalsubai is one of thrilling experience. Monsoon is best time to go trekking on various mountain tops around Maharashtra. There are easy trek in Maharashtra like Karnala Fort, Sinhagad, Peb Fort, Lohagarh, Rajmachi etc.

Continuing the list of Top 5 Unique Experiences in Maharashtra, at Number 1 we have..

1. Maharashtrian Village Stay Experience

It is said that Maharastra in Monsoon is green, as green as Switzerland. These greenery can only be experienced, if you visit something which is not filled with tourist. For such experience, head to a nearby Maharashtrian village to have that unique experience of quitness of nature and solitude. Eco-tourism Organisation like Grassroutes offer eco-tourism where one can do homestay in Maharashtrian village. This experience involves experiencing villagers life, helping them in their daily chores, working on farm, heading to nearby waterfalls or rivers to even playing with locals and the kids.

Even though these are year around experience, however for amazing greenery, head during monsoon. Monsoon brings greenery and freshness to this experience.  

Fill Your Life with Experiences rather than Materials and be open to Explore something New!

– Eat Travel FuN

Mansi Oza

A travel enthusiast juggling a full-time gig in tourism with my love for exploration! Instead of tallying countries, I'm all about cherishing the experiences each journey brings. Whether it's blending business with leisure or diving headfirst into new adventures, I'm here to share the thrill of discovery with you! Let's embark on unforgettable escapades together!

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