Photo Journey to Kaas Plateau, Satara

We all know about Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand and so far I have not seen it as it involves a small trek to reach the park. For those, like us, who still wish to see valley of flowers closer and nearer to us, you have an option to visit Kaas Plateau inContinue reading “Photo Journey to Kaas Plateau, Satara”

Trekking at Sinhgad Fort, Pune

Monsoon is the perfect season for trekking. Being adventure enthusiasts, I crave for such adventure. My past experience, some 5 years back of Sinhgad Fort was amazing. Hence, I wanted to relive the moment. From Mumbai, you have a pretty good option for trekking and from Pune, all those options are more closer. Trekking onContinue reading “Trekking at Sinhgad Fort, Pune”

Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh

Rajasthan has always been my favorite place to visit, not because it is the state of my ancestors, but also because of the culture and its people. Some of the best palaces and forts are built by the King and Maharajah of Rajasthan. The state has some of the best architect, lifestyle of Royalty,  humblenessContinue reading “Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh”

Jaipur – The Pink City

When I moved to Delhi in North India.. Jaipur looked like a weekend destination. Before moving, I always thought of visiting Jaipur only when I will plan to do the entire Rajasthan trip. Anyways, the single city has many things to offer. Often called as Pink City, Jaipur has Palaces, Havelis, old palaces turned intoContinue reading “Jaipur – The Pink City”

Road Trip – Delhi to Mumbai

From Political capital to financial capital, the Delhi-Mumbai road trip covers the beautiful state of Rajasthan, Gujarat leads to Maharashtra. The total distance between the two cities is around 1400 km via NH8. In a go this distance can be covered in a non stop 24 hour drive, but what’s the fun if you can’tContinue reading “Road Trip – Delhi to Mumbai”

Sula Vineyards, Nasik

Vineyards  In your busy life, when weekend comes, all we want to do is sleep and eat. But for people like me, we crave for experiences and learning new things. One of such experience was a visit to India’s premium wine company, Sula Vineyards. Sula established by Rajeev Samant and his partner from Calfiornia KerryContinue reading “Sula Vineyards, Nasik”

Goa – Kitesurfing Destination

When people think of ‘Goa’ only two things come to our mind.. Beach and Booz. Well.. Also water sports come like Jet boat, Parasailing, Banana ride and a few more! But no one will ever think of Goa as Kitesurfing destination. Kitesurfing is the new water sport in town. It has gain tremendous popularity abroad,Continue reading “Goa – Kitesurfing Destination”

Darjeeling – A Delightful Gateway

When you get only 2-4 day holiday, Hill stations are best place to spend that time. After visiting many hill station in west & north, my next destination was east. Darjeeling, a hill station in Sikkim is indeed a delight on hill. Darjeeling for many people will be just like another hill station. Small roads, smallContinue reading “Darjeeling – A Delightful Gateway”

Kolad – Weekend Rafting Getaway

There are many small places for rafting in India. Famous ones are in Rishikesh and Ladakh. Both locations are in north India. What about Mumbai people? Where can they go for rafting and if they want to go for short duration? Kolad is answer to these questions. Reside in Roha district. Kolad is an amazingContinue reading “Kolad – Weekend Rafting Getaway”

Auli – India’s Switzerland

People go to Switzerland to experience ski & snow clad mountains but they forget that India too has its own famous ski destination. Overlooking second highest peaks of India, Nanda Devi, Auli is indeed a white world with adrenaline pumping ski tracks. Enroute to Auli Auli lies in the state of Uttarakhand, which is calledContinue reading “Auli – India’s Switzerland”

Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!

When you are in north India and you have weekend with nothing to do and after already visiting Shimla, Naintal many times, Kasauli is place to be. It is approximately 6 hour drive from Delhi. The road to Kasauli is smooth and easy. Starting with outer ring road then move to Grand Trunk Road andContinue reading “Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!”

Agra.. India’s Romance-land

A place, resemble love, great architecture and rich history. It also has one of world’s Seven Wonder, which resides in Uttar Pradesh, India – Agra.  Agra has world’s one of the seven wonder and also India’s struggle. My first impression after entering Agra was astonishing. Small uneven roads and not only cow but foreigners walkingContinue reading “Agra.. India’s Romance-land”

Mumbai Lifeline – Local Train!

If you are from mumbai you will realise the importance of Mumbai Local Trains. It’s a lifeline of many lives which reside in the city name Mumbai. As we learnt in geography, Mumbai is like a Long Island. Transportation in this big island is divided in 3 railway line called Western, Central and Harbour. ToContinue reading “Mumbai Lifeline – Local Train!”

Ladakh – The Land of Heaven

After lot of planning, fixing, asking, negotiating, the trip to Ladakh was finalized. Though I wanted to go with just friends, it also included friend’s parents and uncle aunty. Anyways Ladakh was important and not who’s with us. So journey begins… We planned to take the Srinagar route. Though people say for more scenic beautyContinue reading “Ladakh – The Land of Heaven”

In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!

To beat this heat what will you think of doing? Go to Rajasthan. I know it sounds crazy to go to Rajasthan in such a heat but it was worth it. Luckily when we reached the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, it rained last night so the weather was pretty decent. Though we couldn’t beatContinue reading “In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!”

Manori.. In the city still far away!

Being in Mumbai, I never heard of place name Manori. It is a small town which is little away still near the city. There are 2 ways to reach this place, via ferry from Malad or take a roadway from Mira road. It is completely like a small village. Quite, cozy, greenery and pleasant. EnvironmentContinue reading “Manori.. In the city still far away!”