Aurangabad City Guide, Maharashtra

Often known as City of Gates, Aurangabad is a place full of history with a modern touch! I have known this place for quite sometime but never really thought of traveling there. Recently when I had stay voucher from Taj Hotels and I wanted to experience one of their good and closer property, Vivanta by Taj at Aurangabad was the best option. I was glad that I choose that option, the property was beautiful. With a grandeur feeling of Taj merged with historical feel of Aurangabad city, Taj hospitality was cherry on the top. In This blog, I will cover Aurangabad City Guide to help you make the best of your trip!

Let’s take a closer to at Eat Tavel Fun in Aurangabad City !!!


Ajanta Caves

Aurangabad is also associated with caves and Ajanta caves is one of the most famous caves in India. People often think Ajanta Ellora Caves is one, for them, both are two different set of caves located quite far from each other. Honestly during my visit to Aurangabad, I wanted to go to Ajanta Caves, located some 1 hour away from main city. Sadly due to time constraint, I had to choose between Ajanta and Ellora, and I selected Ellora. That being said, Ajanta caves are pretty huge and one of the must visit attraction in Aurangabad.

Ellora Caves

Again located quite outside of the main city, Ellora Caves is UNSCO Heritage Site. I must suggest everyone to visit this cave on weekday as weekend in Ellora Caves was super crowded. Thankfully I started my day quite early and by the time I finished visiting all the caves, many, many coaches came to the parking to drop off people. There are around 40 caves denoting the culture of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. These are the only caves to showcase 3 different culture and religion.

Ellora Caves


Being a city which was once ruled by Aurangzeb, many of the the delicacies resonate Mughal flavour. Our time in Aurangabad was for only a night, hence, I couldn’t enjoy the food culture. As per our discussion with the locals and hotel, Aurangabad is known for non-vegetarian food, that being said, vegetarian food is also available and one won’t find any problem finding one!

The only thing which one shouldn’t miss out on having in Aurangabad is Pan !!!

One of the top rates place in Aurangabad is Tara Pan Centre. Their menu card has pan worth 30 INR to 3000 INR. It offers ample variety of the pan, from masala to Calcutta or even one with gold flakes in it. Their pan size of huge and you can see people coming in luxury cars to buy pan from them. This place is a must visit place in Aurangabad. Don’t go with the look of the place, it is the quality which matters and they definitely have one of the best in the city!



Aurangabad is not overly touristy place and due to which, there are less activities around fun elements. It is a place of culture and history, it is a place of origin of one of the rulers of India. There are activities like walking tours and food trails which are famous.

For those who are not into walk or food, can opt for Cycle tours. I have seen quite a bit of promotion on cycle tours around the city and it is best way to explore the small lanes. Aurangabad City Guide and information is available in most of the hotels, do take a look before you step out of the hotel.


From budget stay to five star property stay, Aurangabad offers options for all. Either you prefer city hotel or resort little away from main city, it is easy to travel around Aurangabad.

We booked our stay at Vivanta by Taj. It is really good property closer to city centre. Vivanta by Taj has vast number of rooms and services are the best. It is heritage building converted into a hotel like any of other Taj property. Since it is closer to the city, view from the room isn’t of huge landscape or skyscrapers, however, greenery around the property makes it bearable during harsh summers.


Aurangabad is very different from other states in Maharashra and it has many historical relevance. Hope Eat Travel Fun Aurangabad City Guide was helpful and you will find it helpful to plan your trip!

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Location: Aurangabad is located in the interior of Maharashtra and closest airport is Mumbai or Pune. It is approximately 330 km away from Mumbai.

Time: It takes you 7-8 hours by car to reach Aurangabad from Mumbai. You also have overnight trains for Aurangabad from Mumbai. It is ideal to stay for atleast 2 night in the city to do both the caves and also relax between your travel.

Carry: In summers or even during winters, temperature is very hot in the afternoon. Don’t forget to carry good sunscreen, glares and cap. At night, Temperature drops making it pleasant and might require thin jacket or shawl.

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