Photo Journey to Agra

The most famous weekend destination from Delhi, Agra is a city which everyone in their life wants to visit atleast once. I have personally visited twice as a kid and also as an adult and yet again, I am making my third visit. The only difference in this time’s visit is my camera, Canon 1100D. The three major sightseeing you will do – Obviously, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and if time permits, Fatehpur Sikhri.
As I have already written a detailed description of Agra in my previous blog, Agra – India’s Romance Land, I will only take you through Photo Journey of Agra. Hoping this photo’s will inspire you to pay a visit to beautiful monument and create your own album of memories.
Myself posing in Fatehpur Sikhri
I will start by talking about Taj Mahal. It is indeed a difficult task to get a picture of Taj Mahal without people in it. I had a hard time getting a clear picture as I visited in the evening and it was super crowded. Felt like the entire population Agra city was here. Still, somehow in low evening light, I managed to grab a few good clicks.
Taj Mahal
Despite Taj Mahal is the main attraction, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking pictures of wonder entrance building and how it symbolise the effort of workers and time spent in creating World’s Wonder.
Entrance to Taj Mahal
Luckily, I found a spot through which I could experiment with water in the entrance pool and reflection of Taj Mahal in it (Thanks to my friend for suggestion and also making sure I get the space to do it without people walking in front of me).
Magnificent Taj Mahel

The best part of the entire journey was viewing Taj Mahal at midnight

After a quality time spent with Taj Mahal, it was time for a visit to Agra Fort. Viewing each and every part of the Fort is difficult, you will end up spending hours going through various rooms of King and Queens and many other sections of the fort.
Agra Fort Entrance
One of the part of Fort
Pillars inside
When the Shah Jahan was captured by his son, he was held in a prison from which he used to see the Taj Mahal everyday.
Taj Mahal from the prison
As I said earlier, if time permit, one should pay a visit to Fatehpur Sikhri. It was once the city of the Emporer and the architecture of Mughal is something to look forward to. What I really adore in all fort and palaces of India is their vastness. They are built with a style which shows nothing but the greatness of its ruler.
Grave in Fatehpur Sikhri
Buland Darwaza (Strong Door)
Kids telling Qawali for money
Side of the fort
Mosque in Fatehpur Sikhri
The only thing which we can do is preserving this historic buildings and let their legacy live for years to come.

Category: History and Monuments

Location: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Time Require: 2 Days (1 Day for Taj Mahal and Agra Fort)

Some more pictures:

Inside the Agra Fort
Architecture of Mughals
I liked the lady standing in front of the window
The carvings in fort is just awesome
Front of Buland Darwaza
Let the light shine in
Taj Mahal during sunset

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