Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry, Gujarat

Travel between Surat and Bhavnagar is around 600 km and takes you more than 11 hours to complete. This drive can be avoided by taking a Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry provided by DG Sea Connect. Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry is convenient option to cut down more than 11 hours of drive time. By taking roro ferry you travel between the two cities in 5 hours and drive is only about 50 km. 

The port of Bhavnagar is Ghogha, and it takes you to the port in Surat known as Hazira. The drive from Bhavnagar city to Ghogha is 20 km and drive from Hazira to Surat is around 25 km. The entire journey from Ghogha to Hazira on the Roro ferry takes around 4–4.5 hours. With travel time between Bhavnagar to Ghogha and Hazira to Surat is another 1 hour. This leaves enough time to visit places around Bhavnagar like Gir National Park, Rajkot etc.

Process of traveling in Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry is fairly simple. You need to first purchase the ticket online. The cost for ticket starts from INR 650 per person for executive class and INR 1400 for the car. Once you enter the port, in our case we started the journey from Ghogha to Hazira, the security check your ticket and hands you a band as per the class. They direct you to the ship to park your car. You will see staff directing the passenger throughout the process from entry to parking.

Once car is parked, you move to upper deck to take your seat. Seats in the class are pre-booked, however, seats on the open deck are not and are on first come first basis. Seats on the lower deck are quite spacious and comfortable. There is entertainment provided to keep guest occupied and they will play a movie or show during the sail. 

There is also restaurant on both the level to provide you with food and beverages to the passenger. The top deck is where you can relax and take in the view as a breeze blows through your hair. A perfect location to do some photo sessions. 

Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry travels between the port twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. DG Sea website mentioned all the information and timings of the ferry. Once you reach Hazira, the staff will guide you to the parking space and one by one, vehicles will move out of the ship. 

Everything was very well organised and staff were very helpful. Even the parking of vehicles, bike and trucks is systematic. Taking roro ferry really saved us lot of drive time and we ended up relaxed as we reached Surat. 

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Frequently asked questions about Hazira-Ghogha Roro Ferry

How far is Hazira from Ghogha by Ferry?

The ferry takes around 4-4.5 hours to travel between the ports. The morning ferry takes little lesser time than the evening one. 

What are the timings of roro ferry?

The roro ferry between Hazira and Ghogha runs twice a day. The Hazira to Ghogha runs in the morning at around 8 am and from Ghogha to Hazira in the evening is at around 4 pm. Similar timings are for roro ferry between Ghogha to Hazira and return. 

What are the rates for roro ferry between Hazira to Ghogha?

The ticket cost starts from INR 650 per person and INR 1400 for the car. 

Where to book the tickets for roro ferry the tickets?

Checkout the official website: https://www.dgferry.com/home to view the availability and purchasing the ticket online. 

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How much time does Roro ferry takes from Hazira to Ghogha?

The evening ferry takes around 4-4.5 hours between the port. Morning ferry takes lesser time and reached in 3.5-4 hours. It takes around 30 min from the city to reach both the ports. Overall, entire journey from Surat to Bhavnagar will take you 5.5-6 hours. 

Does roro ferry from Hazira to Ghogha stops in Dahej?

No, this roro ferry is direct between the Hazira and Ghogha port and does not stop in Dahej. 

Is outside food allowed in Hazira to Ghogha roro ferry?

The site and stamp discourage food from outside as they do have restaurant inside the ferry. 

Checkout video on Eat Travel Fun Youtube channel covering journey in Roro Ferry

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