Photo Journey to Coffee Plantation Walk, Coorg

Being in coffee estate and don’t opt for a walk around the estate will be a shame. Coorg is known as Coffee capital, you will find Coffee plantation in each and every part of Coorg. Whether it is small estate or big, the smell of coffee will make you go on a walk around or maybe just sit in the balcony overlooking the plantation and sip on hot coffee.

Walking in the coffee plantation
Like everything, even the coffee plantation has a season. I happen to visit Coorg during monsoon, means, coffee beans have not grown fully to be plucked and put into the process. The entire process of coffee powder making is interesting yet intricate. It all starts with planting the seeds and growing the beans. There are two types of beans or you can say Coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is more stronger, whereas Arabica is lighter. Each coffee mix is mixture of Robusta and Arabica. It depends on the expert to create the mix to make the perfect cup of coffee. After plucking the beans, it gets roasted, which is the most important process of coffee making. 

Coffee beans
Let’s not go too deep into the entire process. The roasting is very secretive method and only few gets a chance to see it. The walk around coffee plantation is to give you basic information about the entire process and method behind creating the perfect mix. 
Inspects around the plantation
The coffee was not fully grown as we went in the off season, September. If you really want to understand more behind Coffee, visit Coorg in Feb-Mar-Apr months when it is time for the owner to pluck the beans and start roasting. Both plants of Arabica and Robusta are different in nature, however, the difference is very minor for naked eye, for the expert, it is a huge difference. 
Difference between Arabica and Robusta plant
Apart from coffee, Coorg is also known for spices. On our walk, we came across pepper plant, both black and white pepper. 
Pepper plant
Each estate in Coorg doesn’t only grow coffee, you will also find other plants around. We saw various types of plants used to create furniture. These can be as simple as bamboo, sandalwood or many more (I don’t even remember their name). Some are planted to support coffee or pepper tree. 
Various plants around the plantation
The walk around the estate encountering not just plants, but also, insects and spiders. The entire area was flourishing with flora and fauna. I had tried my hands at clicking pictures of spiders, insects and butterfly. Luckily, I managed to capture few great pictures.
Crazy and not creepy looking spider

Walk around Coffee Plantation was not just informative, it was also an experience for me to do different type of photography. Those who love micro photography, they should definitely pay a visit. Even otherwise, one should go for a walk to explore nature and coffee. 

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Location: Coffee Plantation walk is available everywhere in Coorg, whether you go for homestay or hotel. Each estate has their own specialty. I did mine in Virajpet city. 

Time: The entire walk will take minimum 2 hours, if you are a photo bug like me, you will end up spending more time. Also, opt to walk in the morning to capture freshness. 

Carry: Just carry your curiosity to know more and camera to capture the beauty of nature. 

More pictures:

Beautiful Butterfly on flower
Beans, not fully grown yet
Flowers near the plantation

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