Photo Journey to Kaas Plateau, Satara

We all know about Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand and so far I have not seen it as it involves a small trek to reach the park. For those, like us, who still wish to see valley of flowers closer and nearer to us, you have an option to visit Kaas Plateau in Satara, Maharashtra.
Bed of Pink Flowers

My cousins and I decided to pay a visit to this beautiful place. Recently, Kaas Plateau has been added to UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also called Kaas Pathar and falls under Sahyadri region. Once in a year, an entire land of Kaas is blossoming with colourful flowers making it look like a colorful bed of pink, yellow, red, blue, purple flowers.

Welcome to Kaas Plateau

This valley of flowers stays there for 3 months and the season starts from August till October.

Close up of the flowers

Every year, the quantity of blossomed flower and Color differs. Sometime it is full with purple flower or pink. During my visit, the land was covered with mostly white and pink flowers.

During my visit

These flowers are smaller in size. The best one were Mickey Mouse flowers which looked like Disney’s character – Mickey Mouse, hence the name.

Mickey Mouse Flower

The Kaas Plateau in Satara is not yet commercialised so there are no entry tickets. However, you will find police to make sure that people don’t miss use the place.

Kaas Plateau, Satara

A short distance away from Kaas Plateau is a Kaas Lake. After your walk amongst flowers, you can think of relaxing time near the lake.

Kaas Lake, Satara

Photographers will have fun time clicking pictures of flowers, mountain, whole view and much more!

Category: Nature and Adventure

Location: Kaas Plateau, Satara (Around 25 km away)

Time: It is open throughout the day during the season. It is advisable to visit morning to avoid the evening crowd.

Some candid moments:

The Gang!
Unknown Insect, Maybe colorful Ant..?
Splashing Moments!

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