Photo Journey to Mehrauli Archeology Park, Delhi

One of the unexplored place in Delhi is Mehrauli Archeology Park which reside in the Mehrauli, an area between Delhi and Gurgaon. It is an archeological site and one of the oldest extant forts in Delhi.
Around Mehrauli Archeology Park
When I shifted to Delhi, I was very excited to explore the city and the best way to do it is with a Photo Journey. I was scanning through the Facebook post, that’s when I came across the Delhi Photography Club and their Photo Walk to Mehrauli Archeology Park. I quickly rsvp myself and was looking forward to the day.
Monuments in the park
The Photo Journey started with everyone gathering at Bhool Bhuliya. It is located very near Qutub Minar. If you get a chance, do visit Qutub Minar. It is located in huge complex and more than the main build (Qutub Minar), the construction around it is fabulous. 
View of Qutub Minar
Bhool Bhuliya is a tomb of Adam Khan, who served in Mughal Emperor. Bhool Bhuliya means maze or labyrinth. Though the building doesn’t have any maze, but it does contain architectural importance.
Bhool Bhuliya
Side view of one of the pillar
Moving on in our Photo Journey, we headed to the premises of the Mehrauli Archeology Park. The entire park has over 100 significant monuments, some maintained and some destroyed.
Remnants of the monuments
You may come across some other creatures too!

The Park also attracts people from all parts of Delhi, Mehrauli and Gurgaon.

Place to rest after your walk around the park

Being a Mughal construction, there is Jamali Kamalu Mosque inside the park.

Jamali Kamalu Mosque
Inside the Mosque

On our way, we also clicked few pictures at Rajon Ki Baoli, famous stepwell in the park.

Around Rajon Ki Baoli
Mughal Construction involves beautiful pillars and carvings
There were so many monuments in the park that I got immersed in clicking the picture and skipped on all the information. 
Yet another monuments, place is full of such constructions
Some more!

It is a good place to explore and experiment with your camera and learn new tricks or so!

Category: Historical

Location: Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi

Time: It is open throughout the day and there are no entry tickets. During weekends, expect lot of local crowd.

Good bye to beautiful place, till we meet again!

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