Restaurant: 145 Kala Ghoda

A tempting picture shared on Instagram lead me to this place and our task was simple, just have what was in the picture – Nutella Milkshake! In the midst of traffic near Haji Ali, we took around 2 hours to reach Churchgate. By the time we reached Kala Ghoda, we were so hungry that we thought of ordering starters too!

The restaurant is open till 8 after which they take you inside only if you have a reservation. Luckily, we reached before 7 so had plenty of time to chill. Hungry souls picked up two dishes which can never go wrong – Jalapeño Popper and Paneer Chilly. Taste wise both dishes were amazing, quantity wise, disappointing. If I have to count paneer in Paneer chilly it would’ve been only 3-4. Earlier we thought it might be mistaken.. But nope! Quantity was that much! (Less than food which can fit into my palm). Moving on to Jalapeño poppers, there were 6 pieces, fair enough! A bite into the poppers and cheese will drip – hot & cheesy. Perfect dish..! Till we opened another popper to find nothing in it. Yes, you read it right, popper without any pop in it. Empty shell with nothing in it. In this shock, I put another popper in my mouth to find it was empty too. 6 out of 2 were empty with only air in it. Obvious reaction will be to call the manager and show him the problem. The manager’s reaction was neither shocking nor apologetic. He only asked how many.. only 2..? Ok! So we asked for a replacement which they did with 3 poppers! Again, yes, after making this mistake, they didn’t even bother to replace the entire dish. 2 popper replacement and 1 complimentary. My rating for place went down there itself! I was only hoping that milkshake shouldn’t be a disappointment too.
To my relief, Nutella Milkshake and Bourbon Milkshake were what I was craving for. Served in a glass jar with chocolate dripping on the side, top filled with a whipped cream and jar full of yummy milk shake. I love Nutella but here my personal favorite was Bourbon. Milkshake is what it looks like.. Deliciously mouthwatering glass of chocolate sin…!!
Go only for Milkshakes.. Wish they had more to their menu.. I meant milkshake menu!
Jalapeño Popper at 145 Kala Ghoda
Nutella and Bourbon Milkshake
Bourbon Milkshake
Flavored Cola Sticks in the end!

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