Restaurant & Bar: San:Qi and Aer, Four Seasons Hotel

Since ages I wanted to visit Aer. The day I heard about a open air space on 32nd floor with amazing view, I wanted to visit this place. I am a terrace person, I prefer places where breeze play with your hair, eyes dazzle with the view, you will like being on top of the world.

Aer gave the feeling of a perfect place where all I want to do is listen to the music, engross in the beauty and just relax. Its divided into 2 pars giving you the view of 2 different sides of Worli. One with sea facing and one with non sea facing. But obvious I preferred the sea facing one. Sitting arrangement Is modern keeping in the young crowd. What I loved about this place is view. Sea, building, road, bridge.. It has everything. At night it give a feeling of you being outside India.

Before we relaxed our self in the up beating atmosphere of Aer, we stuffed out stomaches with divine chinese food and one of the best Dimsums in the town. San:Qi offers Chinese, Japanese, Thai and India food. As told by my friend that you will love Dimsums over here and indeed she was right. They were fantastic. I never had such an amazing Dimsums. Apart from that, because I am vegetarian, I ordered Tofu gravy and it was divine. It was so soft that it used to break even when I am trying to eat them. I eaten tofu at many places but this tofu was best of all and noone yet came close to tofu in San:Qi.

Next, my best part, dessert time. Sadly, San:Qi didn’t had any eggless desserts so my desire to have anything was crushes. But this didn’t stop my friends from ordering Yummy looking Chocolate Fondants. Smell and presentation was beautiful. It almost tempted me to taste it. Later when we went to Aer, I got surprise of my life. Aer had eggless dessert. Best part was, it was written Dark Chocolate tart, White chocolate mousse, Milk chocolate mousse one after another and when I said I need Milk Chocolate mousse, waiter said Ma’am it’s all together. Those words were like water to a desert area. 3 dessert with Raspberry and vanilla sauce was dream come true. Tastes was so natural and delicious that word delicious will feel inferior. I will be one person who will go to a lounge and order dessert and not drink. But who cares, when it comes to chocolate, everything is allow.

Four season stands perfect for it’s standard and places like San:Qi and Aer are places worth visiting. No doubt Expensive, but really worth it!

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