Restaurant: SpiceKlub, Mumbai

Many times I have heard of places which offer food with a twist, but never had the opportunity to visit any one of these places. Fortunately, one fine day I happen to visit one such place in Lower Parel, Mumbai – SpiceKlub.

People told me that getting a reservation in such places is difficult as it is crowded almost every day, especially on the weekends. The restaurant’s location is one of the most happening and also commercial locations in Mumbai i.e. Lower Parel, right opposite Phoenix Mall (One of the top malls in Mumbai). The interiors of the place are pretty decent with waiting room outside for not more than 3-4 people. As I enter the place, my curiosity kept on building as so much I have heard and read about this restaurant that I couldn’t wait to try their menu. The menu looked quite normal with basic street food items and all but when it comes to concept restaurant, it’s all in the presentation and obviously taste. All dishes were presented amazingly. Whenever something used to come, we all were just looking at it with our eyes sparkling and tongue just waiting to last it and me stopping people to eat as I was very much busy clicking pictures of the dishes presented.

Not going into much detail, I will just share the pictures of the dishes which we order and let them speak for itself.


  • Spend more time in ordering Starters as they are the one which are presented nicely. Rest, main course, is pretty much normal food offered in any other North Indian restaurant.
  • Go in big group of minimum 5 people so that you get a chance to order more than 2 starters and also finish them
  • Order separate drinks for everyone as all are different and amazing. 
  • Make sure that in excitement do not end up ordering more than required
  • Lastly, savor the experience! (don’t think of cost, as it will be higher than expected


Palak Cheese Cigar

Unusual Pani Puri

Coconut Rose Delight

Tempting Vada Pav

Ordinary Main Course

Seasonal Fruits on the rocks with SpiceKlub twist!

Paan Mousse

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