Sewri Jetty – Flamingo Season

Lesser know facts about Mumbai is that Mumbai is also a home to flamingos for around 6 months from October – March. Sewri is the place where lesser Flamingo migrated from Siberia via Kutch to come and breed in the mudflats. There are 6 types of Flamingo and the one which is small and white-pink in color called ‘Lesser Flamingo‘.

Sewri Jetty is around 10 minutes drive from the Sewri station (which comes in harbor line). Jetty is surrounded by ‪mangrove and also ‪industry. From the edge of jetty you can see mangroves in the foreground and industry in the background. I would have never imaged that I will come to such a place for bird watching. One can say that it is a place where ‪nature and ‎technology live together! Apart from Flamingo, you will also get to see Greater Spotted Eagle, Sandpiper, Heron, Black Bellied Tern, crow and humans!

Bird Watching at Sewri Jetty

Before you decide to head there, do check the tide as Flamingos are only seen during low tides.

Sadly, I only happen to admire the ‪‎dock and ships around as when I was there, it was high tide which means, no flamingos! Still, I had a wonderful time exploring the hidden side of Mumbai.

A break from the buzzing city like ‪‎Mumbai, Sewri offers you a chance to spend your morning or evening admiring ‪birds!

When: October to March

Time: During Low Tide, Mornings are often the best but if low tide is there during evening, sunset is flamingo can be the best combination

Place: Sewri Jetty, Mumbai

Must Carry: Binoculars, Camera with zoom lens, if you have dslr, Tripod (if doing the evening shoot)

Industries near Jetty
Sandpiper & Heron instead of Flamingo
Ship Dock at Sewri
Trying to catch some fish…!
Ships Docked at Dock

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