Winter Essentials

One of the best but also the harsh season is winter. Especially when you are planning to go to place where there is snow. Below are few things which can help you stay healthy and happy during winter and in snow.

  1. Thermals: Most important to carry a full pair (Top & Bottom) of thermals when you are in temperature below 5 and in minus. Good quality thermal will help you protect from the cold and also give you warmth inside.
  2. Socks: During winters it is important to keep your feet warm. Woolen socks are apt choice. Other materials are also good as long as they keep your feet warm and dry.
  3. Shoes or Boots: In normal cold climate any type of shoes or boots will be ok but if you are planning to visit snowy place then shoes which are of non-cloth material will be good. Also for boots, go with leather or plastic boots and height more than ankle length. 
  4. Jacket and Sweater: If you are staying in cold place for longer time, then it is important to invest in good quality jackets. Short jackets or long jacket, a good fit is must. If you are travelling for a shorter duration to cold places, it is better to wear sweater as most of us will be having sweater more than a jacket. Jacket can be of various materials but try and ignore leather as they are for fashion only and don’t help face cold.
  5. Shawl, scarf or muffler: Apart from feet, one should also keep neck area warm. For that you can use shawl, scarf or muffler for guys. Wrap around your neck and you are good to face cold winter.
  6. Cap or Hat: Cover your head. Cap, monkey cap, hat, scarf.. Options are many.
  7.  Gloves: These are necessary if you are staying in snow area for longer time. Woolen will keep your hands warm but when in snow opt for leather gloves as they won’t sock water.
  8. Sunscreen and Moisturizer: The skin tends to become very dry during winters. Invest in good moisturizer. Whether it is summer or winter, sun is always on your head. Sunscreen is must especially when you are on hilly area.
  9. Sunglasses: Again a protection from sun.

Apart from the above essentials, below are few tips for survival in snow.
  1. Plastic Bag: Sometime, snow goes inside your shoes and makes your feet cold. Wear plastic bag after you wear your socks. This will prevent direct contact of snow with socks and keep your feet dry.
  2.  Layering: Even after wearing thermals, people feel cold. In such cases, add layer to your clothing. I used to wear thermal, sweater and jacket. It is ok to wear many layers as long as it keeps you warm.
  3. Polyester track pants: Walking in snow means you are going to fall a lot. Any activity in snow is bit difficult to do if you are new. During such times, avoid wearing jeans. As jeans will keep on socking the water from the snow and after some time it will be completely socked in water. Wear polyester track pants with thermal inside. This material will not absorb water and keep you bottoms dry even if you fall many times.
  4. Precaution with Heater: heater has tendency to absorb water from the surrounding. Generally it also absorbs water from person’s body and it will make you feel nausea and dehydrated. In such cases, keep half water filled glass next to heater to avoid dehydration. 
Don’t be scared, enjoy the lovely weather and have fun with snow.

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