Matheran Hill Station

Matheran Hill Station is one of the smallest hill station in the western ghat of Maharashtra. The name Matheran means Forest on the forehead as ‘mathe’ in Marathi means head and ran means forest. Matheran was developed as hill station by British to beat the intense summer heat in the region. 

Matheran Hill Station is one of the best hill station for a weekend trip to immerse yourself with nature. Unlike Lonavala and Mabaleshwar, Matheran Hill Station is frozen in time. Matheran is an automobile free hill station situated at 800m above sea level. This means, to travel around the hill station you have to either walk or take a horse to go from one point to another. 

Let’s breakdown Eat Travel Fun about Matheran Hill Station


Matheran offers lot of eating options, whether you are eating at your hotel or in the market, it offers various options for food. Majority of the people prefer to eat in their hotel, however, market area does have nice eating places. Apart from food, you can also enjoy hot corn on the cob in winters and monsoon month to Ice Gola in summer times. Local restaurants are spread across in the market road.  


Just like any other hill station, Matheran has many view points. Some of the famous view points are:

  • Echo Point

Situated closer to Lake Charlotte, echo point as name suggest is a point where your voice will have an echo effect, once you scream in the valley. Apart from that, it also have the view of Sayadri mountains and Western Ghat of Maharashtra. It over looks Karjat other surrounding mountains.

  • Honeymoon Point

As you move ahead of Echo Point, you can see 3 more points on the way and first point is Honeymoon Point. Overlooking mountains and greenery, it is another place to see how Matheran is located on the mountain top. 

  • Malang Point and Louiza Point

Located next to each other, both the points showcase amazing mountain views and last land to enjoy your time at these points.

  • Lake Charlotte and Lord Point

Matheran Hill Station gets its supply of water from Lake Charlotte. During monsoon, water overflows making it one of the top spot for the tourist. As the water overflows, many tourist take enjoy the small waterfall and admire the beauty of the lake. Lake Charlotte is also home of many water snakes, so always be careful. 

  • Next to Lake Charlotte is Lord Point, featuring the other side of the mountain and some stalls offering games for tourist to enjoy. 

Other view points you can visit while your stay in Matheran Hill Station is Monkey Point, One Tree Hill Point, Panorama Point, Sunset Point and so on! Each of them offering a different experience to the tourist and some unique views of the mountains. 

  • Trekking

If you are into trekking or hiking, Matheran offers some of the amazing treks around the hill station. Some people actually trek their way to Matheran. Others can considering traveling to nearby mountains for trekking like exploring Irshalgarh Fort or Prabalgarh Fort. Even in Matheran there are some hiking trails which can be explored with the help of the local. 

  • Shopping

Just like any other hill station, Matheran also has market street for your street side shopping. Whether it is buying shoes or clothes, it has everything for everyone!

Often asked questions about Matheran Hill Station

How to reach Matheran?

Matheran is 85 km away from Mumbai. By car, you can drive upto a parking point called Dasturi. Dasturi has car parking which is chargeable by the number of days you are staying in Matheran. Alternatively, you can take train from Mumbai to Matheran and from the railway station you can either hire a cab to drop you till Dasturi point or take train to reach Matheran. 

Is there Matheran entry fee?

Yes, you need to purchase entry ticket to enter Matheran. The entry fee to Matheran is INR 50 for adults and INR 20 for child. 

How to go from Dasturi to Matheran?

Once you purchase your entry ticket at Dasturi point, you will enter Matheran. Once you enter, you can reach your hotel in 3 days – Take toy trail from Aman Lodge to Matheran (centre of the hill station), take a horse to your hotel or walk either on the railways tracks or on the sidewalk created for people and horses. 

How you roam around in Matheran without vehicles?

As you know Matheran is automobile free hill station, you have option to roam around Matheran by walking or talking a horse ride to various view points. The local people offer a package rate for you to explore various view points on horse. They will be with you throughout the day or as per the deal.

How are hotels in Matheran?

Matheran has range of hotels from decent 2-3 star hotel to Heritage stay. You have range of stay options available for Matheran. Even as you are walking, there will be someone pitching you for stay options. I have stayed in Verandah in the forest, Dune Barr House, a 170 year old British mansion built by Captain Barr in the 19th century. This heritage property offers 11 rooms, names after famous families of Bombay, The Paris’s and Bohras. Other well-known hotel options include The Westend, Bike Heritage, MTDC and many more!

Is 2 days enough for Matheran?

Yes, 2 days are ideal for your trip to the hill station. In 2 days, you will get to see many view points and enjoy a stay in your hotel. Matheran is ideal for your weekend getaway. 

Best time to visit Matheran?

Matheran is year around destination. Bring 800m above sea level, it is colder compare to cities located near like Mumbai. Someone who wishes to run away from sun, then Matheran is ideal place to visit during summer months. For those who enjoy cold and want to experience nice winter season, can visit during the winter time. However, my personal favourite is monsoon when the whole hill station is covered in clouds and you feel as if you are tucked away in a dreamland. 

Matheran Hill Station brings back memories of days when technology like vehicle was not around and that’s what makes it different than any other hill station in Maharashtra. 

Checkout the Weekend in Matheran video on Eat Travel Fun Youtube Channel.

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