Do’s and Don’t in a Zoo

Mysore Zoo is one of the biggest Zoos in India. It is also well maintained. Even after so much of an effort by the Government and Zoo keepers, the attraction fails to maintain international standard and that is only because of the public who visit the Zoo. Whether they are educated or illiterate or even school and college kids, the habits and actions of all are same.
Our excitement of visiting attractions as a tourist or even as localities make us forget about manners we need to maintain at places like the Zoo.
So I thought it is best to list down few annoying habits of people visiting a zoo.
Respect the wildlife, they are not for your entertainment
We always seek attention and the same applies when you are viewing wildlife. Calling, teasing and throwing stones at them is strictly prohibited. I sometimes see the human being treating animals like they are their puppet and it is time that we learn to respect them.
Don’t feed the animals
Somehow people think that attracting animals with food will create a good selfie picture. They are not meant to eat your food as their natural habitant is different. Also, stop throwing food at them.
Try and maintain silence during your journey
Many of us have loud voices and we don’t keep it down at times. Atleast, in places like these, we should maintain the decorum and don’t create noise pollution. Also, making animal noise to get the animal’s attention is cheap tricks. We all know your voice is great, just make everyone listen to it.
Travel is not all about selfie
Selfies are not the way you travel or see wildlife. Forget about selfie and see the animal with your own eyes. A picture might stay for a long time, but an experience with your own eyes will live forever in your mind. Many times people are so engrossed in their selfie that they don’t look at danger, so try and avoid it.
Littering the place
We all know that we get hungry, we need food and we have wrappers of food or box with us. It will be a greater good if we focus on keeping our cities/attractions clean and don’t throw those wrappers and boxes around. There are enough dustbins available at these place, please use them. Even if we have to hold the wrapper in our hand for 5-10 minutes, do it and throw it only in dustbin. This will only help in creating  the Zoo experience good for all.

These attractions are created for all of us to enjoy and cherish, it is time for us to show some Respect and care for wildlife. Small steps at a time can lead to a big change in future. Discipline is the key, it is time for us to follow some!

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