Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

One of the top attractions in Coorg, the land of coffee, is Dubare Elephant Camp. In Nilgiri region, you will encounter many Elephant and Dubare is one of the place where they look after elephants.

If you have been to places like Kerala and Sri Lanka, Dubare Elephant Camp is also something similar. It is a huge place where you will find more than 20 elephants from small to the oldest one. People here look after the elephant and provide them basic facilities.

Dubare Elephant Camp is located near Kaveri river. It is also close to Kaveri River Rafting spot. Take a boat ride to cross the river and you will land on Dubare island. 

Entrance ticket cost is very minimal to see the elephants. Other activities like bathing the elephant, feeding them or ride on them is additional. 

During my visit, I have not done any of the above activities, except click endless pictures of elephants.

Right at the entrance, you will get a chance to see Elephants taking a bath. This was one of my favourite ones as I saw one baby elephant having fun in the river and teasing elder elephant. 

Baby elephant was going deep into the water and then suddenly emerge on the surface with his truck full of water and spraying on himself. 

Big elephants were rather more quiet and let human friend wash them and splash water on them. They were the one who liked getting pampered. 

Moving on from bathing spot, next was feeding spot. Here again, caretakers were feeding them and also giving the opportunity to visitors to feed the elephant and click pictures with them.

At some point, you might feel that poor elephants are tortured to entertain humans, especially when the mean people comes to visit them, who don’t care about animals and only look for perfect selfies.

Third spot was riding the elephant, surprisingly I didn’t see anyone taking a ride, or maybe I was too busy clicking elephant pictures that I didn’t pay any attention to that part.

Overall, the experience in Dubare Elephant Camp was pleasant, as I ended up clicking tons of picture of elephants. Especially clicking pictures of baby elephant as they bring joy and fun to the entire experience.

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Location: It is located around 1 hour drive away from Madikeri, big city in Coorg. Combine Dubare with a trip to Kaveri River Rafting, Golden Temple and Nisargadhama. 

Time: Visit to the elephant camp is around 3-4 hours considering traveling from city centre, Madikeri. As photographers, you can spend an entire day capturing various activities of elephants to get that one amazing capture.

Carry: enthusiasm and camera to capture amazing animal. Also an extra pair of clothes if you wish to do elephant bathing or river rafting. 

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