Easy Trek Near Mumbai

Easy trek near Mumbai

Easy Trek near Mumbai, I often Google this to know which are the places I can visit on the weekend. One of my favourite activity on Sunday’s is trekking or hiking. It is not very taxing and feels refreshing activity to be in the nature.

Staying in Mumbai, I get a time to explore Sayadri Mountain and many other mountain areas near Mumbai. Obviously, the best time to visit these mountains is in Monsoon or winters, but I see trekking as year around activity and can be explored anytime during the year.

Recently, I have explored some of the easy trek near Mumbai which are not very far and can be done as a half day activity.

Here is Eat Travel Fun’s list of Easy Trek near Mumbai

Yeoor Hills, Thane

Yeoor Hills is located in Thane and is part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Entrance to the Yeoor Hills is from Thane near Tukujini Wadi. There is a ticket which you have to take to enter Yeoor Hills. There are other trekking places in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) which are not allowed and access to them is restricted. However, Yeoor Hills Trek is best and simplest to start, if you are new to trekking and are looking at something simple yet challenging.

The view from top of Yeoor Hills is mixture of urban meets nature, one one side you see Thane city and other side is SGNP. The trek is very short, it takes maximum 1 hour to reach the top if you are non trekker.

  • Trek Level: Easy
  • Access Point: Thane
  • Duration: 30 min to 1 hour to reach the top

Yogi Hills, Mulund

Just like Yeoor Hills, there is another place in Mumbai itself for trekking and thats Yogi Hills. Yogi Hills is accessed from Mulund. Again, it is part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and view is mixture of Urban and Nature. The trek route is little difficult to find, as you have to go to backside of the park and on the walking trail, there are steps which goes up.

During my visit, we ended taking a wrong path and had to do difficult hike to reach the top. We asked couple of people to find the right way. The top part of the trek is little difficult but doable.

Karnala Fort Trek, Panvel

Located in the Navi Mumbai, Karnala Fort Trek is another easy trek near Mumbai for beginner trekkers. It is very simple trek with boards showing the pathway towards the fort. Some of the patches are steep but they are doable with a flat stretch. Only the part near to the fort is the one where you might struggle, however, it is steps with railings.

Karnala Fort is better to be visited during monsoon or winter season. In summers, the fort area is open, making it too hot to stay for longer duration. Start your trek early to avoid sun when you reach the top. I went in peak afternoon time, making it exhausting trek.

Sondai Fort, Karjat

Sondai Fort is one of my favourite trekking location. It is located in Karjat near Sondewadi. Sondai Fort is one of the famous trekking spot outside of Mumbai. The trek is of easy to moderate level. The view from the top will surely take your breath away as you get to see Irshalgarh, Matheran Mountain Range and other mountains of Maharashtra. Being popular trekking spot, you will always find it crowded. To avoid crowd, we went to Sondai Fort very early in the morning to see sunrise from the top. It was best as we were the only one on the top. Monsoon is the best time to visit Sondai Fort as whole area is plain green!

Once you are done with Sondai, just few km ahead, there is Changewadi Twin Waterfall. Get rid of your trek tiredness with fresh water flowing at Changewadi Twin Waterfall.

BNHS Nature Reserve, Film City, Goregaon

This is not really an easy trek near Mumbai. As you will not be climbing on the top of mountain, but it is a walk through the nature of BNHS Nature Reserve. It is located within Film City in Goregaon, BHNS offers a nature in the heart of Mumbai. It has butterfly park where you will find some of the rare species of Butterflies. Apart from Butterfly park, it has 3 types of trek which are all easy level trek, walking through nature. You can also hire Guide who can tell you more about various plants and insects inside BNHS Reserve.

For your Sunday walk and some Nature-tamin, head to BNHS Reserve and get mesmerised by sheer greenery. Wear full sleeves or carry mosquito repellent as there are bound to be too many mosquitoes. Also, you need to book in advance as entry to BNHS is limited. In monsoon, you will also find few waterfalls on the trail to get fresh.

To break away the monotony of everyday life, a small walk through the nature will refresh your outlook!

– Eat Travel Fun

You can find more details about all these treks in Eat Travel Fun Youtube Channel. Photos and videos from all these treks are always on Eat Travel Fun Instagram Page as well.

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