Igatpuri Vipassana Center

Apart from a weekend family trip to resort nearby, Igatpuri is a destination well known for its meditation center called Vipassna Meditation. I visit this place on the way towards Nasik. People who wish to get out of the city for a stay in some hilly or quiet place, then Igatpuri is for you. There are many resorts around which you can book and spend a night with friends or family. But if you are amongst those who is doing some soul searching then Vipassna Meditation Center is the place.

Vipassna is an art if Meditation discovered by Gotama Buddha. Generation after generation, this meditative art is passed on and technique can be learned by an individual from the 10-day course. Vipassana Centers are spread across the world and one of such center is in Igatpuri, India. The course is designed to help you know more about yourself and follow the code of discipline. The course is about 10 days and it’s very simple in nature. It involves following the schedule. Everything will be provided by them, i.e. Food and Shelter. Your day will start at 4 in the morning where you will go for the breakfast and then time for meditation. Later take a bath and have lunch and attend a session of the guru. These sessions are recorded sessions, the people will be assembled in a hall where this will take place. After this you will proceed for another meditation session and end the day with dinner at 7. Sounds simple.. doable! The only difficult part of this entire course of that you are not allowed to talk, speak or even have a conversation with anyone. You will have to be silent during those 10 days. Unless it is an emergency or you seek some clarity, students of this course are required to mute themselves.

The entire facility provided in Vipassna is free of cost. They don’t charge anything to the students. You can donate, if one wish to do, after the course.   Many people from different countries come to the Igatpuri Vipassana center to do the meditation course. The property is well maintained from solar panel for the street light to rain water harvest newly build. They not just promote meditation, but green ecosystem. My friend was very keep on visiting their center, hence we went inside for inquiry and also for a tour of the place.

Out of many self-help programs and centers, I find them genuine as they don’t force you to do anything or even try to sell their courses. All they do is give you the information and let you choose if it our cup of tea. If you are not willing to even think of doing the course, that’s fine with them. You can just go there and visit as you do with any normal tourist location. They will still welcome you with a smile.

More detail of Vipasana is available on their website, visit http://www.dhamma.org for more information.

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