In the City of Lakes… Udaipur!

To beat this heat what will you think of doing? Go to Rajasthan. I know it sounds crazy to go to Rajasthan in such a heat but it was worth it. Luckily when we reached the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, it rained last night so the weather was pretty decent. Though we couldn’t beat the sun all the time, but it was still an amazing trip.
Rajasthan is place where all you can see is palace and history. So we started our journey with by visiting the most famous place, City Palace. Huge and massive, thats what comes in my mind when i remember this place. Small tunnel to inside ways, the palace is a mystery in itself.

Later on we move to visit small temples and lakes. Beautiful! Fateh Sagar Lake and Pichola Lake were serene and tranquil. Udaipur is also popularly known for its stunning gardens, Saheliyon-ki-Bari and Nehru garden are few to name.   

People associate Rajasthan with desert and rough land, but deep inside you can see the greener side of Rajasthan. Every place in Rajasthan depicts a history and tell us interesting story of its own. It is place where king and queens ruled, it is place where long wars have been fought and it is place where architect talks for themselves. Hard from outside but softer inside, people are warm and helpful. A walk on road will give you glimpse of state and its culture.

Get immerse in the beauty and explore the history, culture and tradition of Udaipur, Rajasthan.  


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  1. Short and crisp. I am planning to visit Udaipur in October. I personally love Rajasthan and have been to Jaipur, Alwar and Neemrana. Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur on my list now.

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