Kasauli.. Weekend Getaway!

When you are in north India and you have weekend with nothing to do and after already visiting Shimla, Naintal many times, Kasauli is place to be. It is approximately 6 hour drive from Delhi. The road to Kasauli is smooth and easy. Starting with outer ring road then move to Grand Trunk Road and finally towards Ambala-Shimla-Kaurik Highway. Kasauli is on your way towards Shimla. 

Built by British Empire, Kasauli has the looks of British colony. Kasauli has not yet made mark in tourism board which means less crowded and one gets peace and quietness in exploring this beautiful place. Just like any other hill station, Kasauli has its own attractions and history. Before you enter Kasauli, you have option to keep your car parked before toll and walk in the city or pay the toll and take car inside. We avoided paying toll and chose to walk and soon we realised our mistake when we wanted to visit an attraction, Manki Point. Manki Point is approximately 4 km inside the Kasauli and highest point in the town. Manki Point is a place where Lord Hanuman believed to set his feet while on his way to look for the Sanjeevani buti (herb) in Ramayan. The temple in Manki point resides inside the airbase and is dedicated Lord Hanuman. The view from the Manki Point is breathtaking. If day is clear then you can see a beautiful mountain range. Walk towards Monki Point is difficult but for trek lovers, it’s wonderful. 

Another attraction in Kasauli is Christ Church near toll naka, built by British, the structure resemble a cross. The Church is surrounded by chestnut and fir trees. For shoppers, Kasauli is not a great option with specialities or something but you can pick up good woollen stuff like sweater or cap. The market is called Heritage market. Best part of Kasauli is walking on the street in winters, having a hot tea/coffee or just end up eating yummy momo’s. It is heaven in winters. Since we went in winters, the day was sunny but windy whereas during night time, it was freezing cold.

There are few places to say in Kasauli and also there are good options available on your way to Kasauli. My stay was at Winnies Holiday Inn. It is beautiful hotel on hill which means all rooms are at various levels. View from the hotel is amazing site. Staff at hotel was kind and very helpful.

Unexplored destination has best to offer, not many attraction but place of quietness and peace.

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