Photo Journey to Soma Vine Village, Nasik

I have previously been to Sula Vineyards and during that trip, I wanted to stay in their accommodation called Beyond By Sula. When I got a chance to visit Nasik again, I made sure that I stay in a property which is overlooking the Vineyards. Beyond by Sula is now owned by Soma and names as Soma Vine Village.
Similar to Sula, Soma is also dedicated towards creating Indian wine. Soma is operational since 2 years and they have taken over Sula’s property and re-branded under their name.
Soma Vine Village at night
The property is beautiful in the midst of Vineyards and also a lake in the front. There are various categories of rooms and to get the amazing view, opt for the 2 base category and above. 
If you are low in pocket, go for base category room and enjoy your time at an Infinity Swimming Pool or Restaurants overlooking the vineyards. Currently, in front of Infinity Pool, they have planted a new grape and since it is not grown, it looks bit dry. 
Infinity (Pool) and Beyond
Evening time near infinity swimming pool is the best time as you spend it watching sunset over greenery with calm music playing in the background. 
Even the place is lit up so beautifully that it ensures soothing feeling throughout your stay.
Walking aroung the property
Another favourite spot of mine is the restaurant. Similar to Sula, Soma Vine Village also has a restaurant overlooking the Vineyards on first floor. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perfect place to have food for your tongue and sight for your eyes. It revokes your senses with the beauty and the taste. 
Vine yards in front of the restaurant
If you are visiting vineyards, you ought to go for wine making and tasting session tour. Sula Vineyards, since they are into wine making for many years, have detailed tour unlike Soma whose trip is restricted. Though, they do give you all the needed information for understanding the basics of wine and wine making.

Wine Grapes
Best part of staying and touring the wine making is that it ends with a wine tasting. Whether you are wine drinker or no, the  tasting will surely give you something to brag about during wine parties 😛 Soma has their wines in the categories – Red, White, Pink and Sparkling. Read more about wine and wine tasting in my earlier blog during visit to Sula Vineyards.
Wine glass at room temprature to taste wine

The visit was surely the one offering relaxation. The management at the resort was helpful. Even the wine tour was well conducted by the educated staff.

Category: Relaxation and Luxury

Location: Nasik is located 2 hours away from Mumbai. You can either opt for a day trip or a one night trip, both will give you the different experience.

Time: Wine tour with tasting will take around 2-3 hours. If staying, they opt on the first day itself.

Carry: Nothing but interest in knowing more about wine. Even though you are not a wine drinker, the view will make you taste one.

More pictures:

Way towards the restaurant
Lobby of Soma Vine Village
Wine tasting sessions
Wall Murals

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